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Smog Awards 2017: Nomination Round!

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Quite Quiet

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It's that time of the year again—nominations for the Smog awards are now open!

In order to nominate:
- Click the link above.
- Enter the username(s) of whoever you wish to nominate in the appropriate field.
- You can nominate up to five users per category; if you wish to nominate multiple people for a category, make sure you separate their usernames by commas. For example:

- If you don't know anyone to nominate, leave the field blank; no need to fill everything out.
- You cannot edit your votes after you've submitted; if you later find you made an error, you will have to redo your entire ballot.
- When you're done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

That should be it! Feel free to use this thread as a discussion thread; nominations will close in a week, on Jan 19th, midnight CET / 6 PM EST.

Happy nominating!

—Smogon's Flying Press Staff
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Tokyo Tom

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For the next time, would it be possible to have an autocomplete feature similar to what the Smogon search function has, in case a username is difficult to spell, has punctuation in it, or if potential nominees have randomly changed their names recently to headass shit (ex. cb jose altuve)? Also IIRC, votes were saved for easier editing last year, how come that was removed? (I could also just be completely wrong and perhaps that was never a thing)
ok can I ask something quickly? What the hell is a "cute user" and why is it listed here? I don't know if I'm missing out on some epic meme or something but I have no idea what could possibly be cute about a bunch of nerdy dudes playing simulated pokemon on the internet.

It seems completely meaningless as a category and should be axed
In case you don’t know who to put about their experience on smogon being used on a resume, I did it for NHS, so there you go.
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you guys should do the legwork and get interviews with nominees about these, then cherrypick the best single sentence statements and include them in the article. thats whats been missing from smogon awards the past half decade. I wasnt satisfied at all when I won bc I didnt get a place to gloat officially the way ppl in years past had. I think it would just make the whole experience more interesting for everyone involved
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