Smog Awards 2019: Nomination Round!

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It's that time of the year again—nominations for the Smog awards are now open!

In order to submit your nominations:
- Click the link above.
- Enter the username(s) of whoever you wish to nominate in the appropriate field.
- You can nominate up to five users per category; if you wish to nominate multiple people for a category, make sure you separate their usernames by commas. For example:

- If you don't know anyone to nominate, leave the field blank; no need to fill everything out.
- You cannot edit your votes after you've submitted; if you later find you made an error, you will have to redo your entire ballot.
- When you're done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Also, just as a general comment--the voting round is simply based on who receives most nominations during this round. That of course goes without saying, but that also means that the slates are as good as the people submitting their nominations. So, if during past years you've ever felt any obvious candidates were missing in any category or were dissatisfied with the ballots in general, don't forget to get your nominations in this year; don't worry if you're submitting stuff for just one category, everything is helpful. You guys are the ones we rely on to compile proper ballots, and the more material you give us to work with, the better.

That should be it! Feel free to use this thread as a discussion thread; nominations will close in a little over a week, on Feb 13th, midnight CET / 6 PM EST.

Happy nominating!

—Smogon's Flying Press Staff
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May I ask something? So could I leave some categories completely blank? Because there is some I really want to nominate folks for, but with others I have 0 clue
Oh sure, will I nominate my Advanced Stats from last SPL as best Post... And if I don't get nominated, you won't get them after this SPL!

jk... obviously you will get them... I am currently working on improving them! Love you, guys!
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