Smog Awards 2020: Results


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Thanks to everyone who voted me; as always, it is an honor to win some categories.

2020 was far from an ideal year, but it was still a pleasure to contribute to this community. I look forward to keeping this up in the future.

Congratulations to everyone else who won, especially the fresh faces -- you guys are all doing an amazing job.


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Can't beat someone who hauls ass in #comp-gen as much as Jordy does!

Congratulations to everyone who won! Though, like Finch, I do want to hl the people (both old and new) who were freshly nominated this year; a lot of you have made your mark in some way and it's always awesome to see. Thanks for making the experience of those of us who use this site better!


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Shoutout to the wifi crew for taking a joke so far as to actually landing me a nom. I'll say it again, I'm impressed lol. gg wp

And a huge thank you as well to the community for giving me not only my first ever nom, but a win at that--last place in biggest weeb in denial!

I shall now go celebrate this victory by tracking down the people who voted for me :blobglare: probably staying up way too late watching anime, as is tradition. See y'all in 9 hours.


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If someone is wondering why the ADV OU ladder won its award, don't hesitate to give it a try! Sure, it's an old generation ladder so a bit less active than what you may be used to, but it has a lot of characteristics rare those days: you can meet pretty much all the ADV top players under an alt or another, making it very competitive; there are unique storylines taking place around there with legendary villains, famous teams spammers, Mr.Factory and many others!

Old generations are not the easiest to get into either. Many mechanics have changed over the years, many new Pokémon, moves and items are not present in ADV. However, there is no lack of resources for ADV newbies: How to get started into competitive ADV OU by BKC covers the basics, while a lot of great players regularly publish their teams in linear's Team Dump. The Viability Rankings are among the most accurate you will find on-site for a reason, and there is no lack of written or video guides, amazing Youtube channels by experienced players and more for whoever is interested. Also worth noting that all the OverUsed analysis in the Smogon Dex were recently revamped by a bunch of great guys, so far from being outdated they standard at the cutting edge of the metagame. ok stopping here because I could go on for ages

Oh and congratulations to Aeonic for the best Leader award, PS adminship tends to be a pretty thankless thing for whats meant to be a hobby but the scope of his contributions behind the scenes in both quality and quantity has had me genuinely impressed ever since I joined in. There are many great people who don't do big announcements and such in public but spend a crazy amount of time contributing to improve the community in more private environments, and recognition only finds its way too rarely to them. I'm glad those Awards exist so we have the opportunity to praise & thanks them for taking on their free time to make others' experiences as enjoyable as possible around there. :psyglad:

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