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Programming SmogBot: A Discord Bot for Smogon Analysis

SmogBot is a Discord bot dedicated to bringing up Smogon Analysis articles from the Strategy Dex. Thanks to this it becomes easier to easily access and cite Pokemon during conversations online.

The format for usage is as follows;
p!analysis <format> <pokemon>
What this bot will bring up consists of;
* Name
* Pokedex Number
* Short description
* Gender ratios
* Abilities (Updated for Gen 8)
* Stats (Updated for Gen 8)
* Link to Smogon Analysis
* Sprites for the Pokemon according to their generation, taken from the Dex's media folders.

* Analysis heading doesn't fully capitalize the format (Gs instead of GS for example)
* Stats are strictly for Gen 8, so RoA format stats can be misleading. Eg. Cross-Gen stat buffs apply but aren't removed for past gens, Gen 1 Special Stat is not considered, etc.

Things to possibly add later;
* Notation for Hidden Abilities

Add SmogBot to your server:

Contact me on discord: @Caasi#0001
Huge thank you to Plague von Karma for making this come true ^^ without her i wouldn't have any chance on making this bot.


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Glad I was able to help with programming the bot! I think it has a lot of potential. Definitely feel it has some issues to iron out (namely the cross-gen stat differences, a bit slow occasionally) but for those playing SwSh it's pretty much perfect.

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