Smogoff CAP - Art Thread (itt draw pretty horsies)


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key: you know the drill by now

1 - esroh lamron
2 - horsecr*p the obnoxiously long name, cute lovely smart plus amazing, juan esteban paco raul, horsey
3 - pikachu
4 - you have reached page 5 (why could we not have gotten this one to 5 votes. gfdi team)
5 - carnivine, horse, no name
6 - bramble, normal horse

ok, so since we've got the 2 best options on 6 votes & none of the 5-vote options are anywhere near as good we're going straight to the grand final. hash tag sorry not sorry.

vote for one of the following options so that we can be freed from this struggle at last

Normal Horse

o n e w e e k ! ! !

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