Smogon All Generation Tournament - UU edition! [Semi Finals]

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Smogon All Generation Tournament - UU edition!!!

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The semi finals are here! There are only 4 battlers left in the tournament and they have all battled very well to get this far. I wish all battlers left the best of luck (with the exception of RBY) and have some good games!

2nd to last time guys...

I have tried to assign you all a tier that you have not done yet and you will do a Bo3 series in that tier only. This time you can submit your post about your generation from the start of this round. Each player must submit at least one post about their tier. As this shows me who is active and it helps the general community. In the event of a match not being done, I will first check if a player has submitted a post about their generation. If both players have not submitted a post, I will check who has been active in trying to arrange a battle. In the very unlikely (I hope) event of both players not trying to arrange a match, I will do a coinflip.

In this round all battlers will battle in all generations. This is to make the final battles more interesting.

So here we are, the pairings!:

CrashinBoomBang vs Cristal (ALL GENS)
zfs vs Colchonero (ALL GENS)

And one more thing:


Your deadline for this round is February 16th to incorporate valentine's day as you should already have most of your teams made by now. So please get your battles done and get your posts done. You may also make your post straight away as I think I don't give you enough time to make a post each round, there is also no excuse for not posting as well!. Thanks and good luck!

These are the posts from the last rounds:

  • What do I have to say about RBY UU? Fuck Wrap (TyranitarPhantom)
  • Water-types dominate rby uu, Golduck is strong, etc. (MarceloDK)

  • gsc uu is a very strong tier i like quagsire it should be a dog (CrashinBoomBang)
  • gsc uu is a shit tier but i agree that guagsire should be a dog (kokoloko)
  • gsc uu, quag too strong (FAFUS)
  • GSC UU: Quagsire is strong, Gyarados Zap Cannon ftw (Kennen)
  • GSC UU rules, Quagsire should be a dog and I hate Nidoqueen :(
  • I think GSC UU, as little as it's played, is a really fun tier with great balance. Yes, it has a few champion pokemon (Quagsire, Nidoqueen) but you also get stuff like Granbull that can absolutely dominate a match and it's usually not ranked as a top tier threat in the meta. (zfs)

  • adv uu is cool but hypno too good (Sir)
  • adv uu, grumpig is boss. (Darkdiglett)
  • When you then take the step back to ADV UU, you notice its slightly more primitive. A real fun tactic, as my opponent taught me the hard way, is perish trapping with Misdreavus. (MadBull)
  • I don't like ADV UU it's stupid when something like calm mind / ice beam / rest / sleep talk slowking or lunatone is a huge force.... (LonelyNess)
  • ADV UU is a very balanced tiers where either defensive teams (hypno, vileplume, gligar) or offensive teams (kanghaskan is imo the best Pokemon in the tiers) work well. (Cristal)

  • I must say DPP UU is only tier where I love stall teams. Just cover threats, such as Venusaur and Alakazam, and you're good to go ^^ (Demist)
  • So DPP UU, in my first real test of it, seems pretty offensively-oriented, though looking at the tier roster I'm sure you can pull off a stall team. Swellow is a strong. (zfs)


Started from the bottom...
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Me and Colchonero are tied at 1-1, and we were planing on playing the last match in about half an hour from now. It would be cool if we could finish it ^_^

EDIT: Yeah I losed 2-1, put colchonero in the semis
Me and Colchonero are tied at 1-1, and we were planing on playing the last match in about half an hour from now. It would be cool if we could finish it ^_^

EDIT: Yeah I losed 2-1, put colchonero in the semis
Confirm, weren't the cleanest games, but gg Django
Just posting activity. Vmd Zfs 2 days ago asking him to play asap but he hasn't been online since 6th... I won't be able since 10 to 15 th, so hope to play on 15 or 16...
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