Finals Smogon Champions League - Finals [Won by the Orange Islanders]

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Definetly the finals between the two best teams, pretty excited to see how this plays out. Both would be deserving winners, but i decide to root for the islanders this time around. Good luck friends!

To my Dynamos, thanks all for the fun time, we didnt even know we could make playoffs and we did, this run was hilarious from start to finish and i'm glad to have spent time with y'all. Thanks Bouff for managing with me, hope we can run this back next year :heart:


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I suppose it´s time for shoutouts now that the tour is almost over. To begin with, I wanna say that I´m so grateful that I got to be on the Breakers this season. No matter how it ended, but I´d choose you over and over again. You guys have been so supportive this whole season and I truly appreciate that. I got to team w/ some of my homies (s/o Lord_Enz Punny), but also got to know so many amazing people that I haven´t rlly interacted with a lot before this tour. One thing´s for sure: I´ll always hold these experiences dear and every single one of you as well. So, without further ado, let´s get to the individual shoutouts:

Alpha Rabbit Alpha der Hase, my man (or rabbit lol)! It´s been an honor to work with you man. I truly value the time and effort you´ve put in each week to ensure that all of us go into the game w/ confidence and a good team on top of that. I´ve said this before, but you´ve truly been the best manager I´ve ever had and I could have asked for. You´ve made building so much more enjoyable, cause I could count on your feedback when I needed it. I´ve also enjoyed testing w/ you (despite the 80% Sylveon usage post shifts) and I´ve always felt ready for the actual games after our tests. Idk what else is there to say. You have been incredible man and you should (need to) manage again 100%, cause you´re as good of a manager as one can be!

Osh OSH, or should I rather say oshawottfan69 iwillbeatyou69 incompetent (only w/ your old pfp though, cause n00b Punny had to laugh for literally 5 minutes when he saw that)? Either way, thanks for your continuous support throughout the season which really brought out the best in me. You were also always there to get me fired up when ppl talked bs about me elsewhere and I value that a lot. I think we both lost our shit during w9, but I´m glad we could settle it. I still wanna tell you that I´m glad that you were my manager and that I´ve valued your support highly and you´ve been one of the most fun and enjoyable persons in the chat (+ you let me do all the bs that I wanted to do haha). Oh and btw: You better manage again w/ Rabbit next year. You guys were fire.

Punny l2p, but I love you man. Joking aside, you should know by now how much I value your presence as a friend but also as a player. If there was a "Player of the Year" award for this year, I´d always give it to you. You´ve been incredible this year and no matter what people say, no one can take that away from you. I know you´re frustrated w/ how things ended and I totally get that, especially because things like matchup and rng are out of your control, but believe me: There will be times where the luck will be on your side again. I´m almost certain you´re gonna smash the entire sm pool in spl and I can´t wait to see it. You´re one of the best on this site and no one can prove me wrong, hands down. So keep at it, you´ll always be my goat. And I also gotta thank YOU more than anyone. You gave me the chance to be on this team and start for uu, cause you believed in me and convinced osh and rabbit to get me and I´ll always be grateful for that. Sei una delle mie persone preferite, amico.

Lord_Enz Mir egal, ich schreib das jz einfach auf Deutsch. Wer´s nit versteht, soll einfach Deutsch lernen und gut is. Ich weiß, dass Team Tours generell net so deines sind und das hattest du auch bereits im Vorhinein gesagt. Wir haben auch schon mehrmals drüber gesprochen und ich respektiere demnach auch deine Entscheidung Individuals zu prioretisieren und Team Tours nun auszulassen. Ich muss dir trotzdem sagen, dass du n kranker Teammate warst (obwohl ich das schon nach WCOP wusste haha). Dein Grind Potential is einfach geiler als die ganze Seite hier und ich respektiere solche geisteskranken Grinds mehr als die meisten Leute hier. Auch wenn es dieses Jahr leider ganz knapp nicht der Weg des Asstrainers war, wirst du deinen Weg finden. Würd mich net wundern, wenn du die nächste Individual gewinnst haha. Außerdem gab uns das auch die Möglichkeit dich in WCOP zu haben (was wichtig war und wir brauchen dich wieder!! Ohne dich is es net dasselbe) und dich besser kennenzulernen. Das Treffen in Leipzig war einfach zu geil und wir müssen das nächsten Sommer mal wd machen (aber wehe ihr macht das während ich noch im Ausland bin haha). Wie dem auch sei, du weißt Bescheid: IMMER WEITER PUSHEN UND DANN WIRD DAS IRGENDWANN SCHON KLAPPEN!

Lusa GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT GOAT. I still don´t understand how people can underrate you that hard. 19k was definitely an underpay and I literally said that during the auction as well. Not only did you win stour earlier this year, but you fucking killed it this scl. I´m a bit sad that I couldn´t be as active as I wanted to be in the ou slots throughout the season since I had to deal w/ a lot of stuff lately, but I´ve always managed to check the messages and teams and there´s no denying that you know what you´re doing 100%. I´ve always had a high opinion of you as a player and I´m glad that you managed to show people how skilled you really are. Other than that, you´re chill and seem to be very self-reflective which I value a lot. I do hope we get to team again in future tours!

Sjneider AH YUH NEIDER YUH. I know this wasn´t your best tour per se, but a lot of it was also due to poor luck tbh. It does happen unfortunately, but don´t take that too seriously. You´re the absolute goat imo. I haven´t rlly played pu a lot before, but I did like the stuff you were suggesting in your channel each week and the way you played. You never give up until the very end no matter what bs happens ingame and we all saw that during your semis game. You deserved that win and many more, cause you were a truly amazing pu slot and I´d love to team with you again in future tours!

Spurrific BROOOOOO I DON´T KNOW A LOT ABOUT DOUBLES, BUT I KNOW THAT YOU´RE THE GOAT! Watching your games every week has been so much fun and I did like the techs you came up w/ each week in prep. Huge respect to you man, cause you´ve been killing it every game imo. It´s p much how Toxigen said: You´ve been my #1 dou slot this tour. Aside from that, you were a great teammate and I truly appreciate your support and you´ve contributed so much to our great team atmosphere! I hope we do meet again in the near future!

Sabella First of all, congrats on getting engaged again and I wish you guys the best (ig you can say that you won a trophy after all haha)!! I´ve always heard so much positive stuff about you from other people you´ve met in the past and now I can finally confirm that what they´ve been saying is true. You´re a great person and I admire your work ethic and dedication that you put into your prep every week. I´m glad you were able to turn your season around when you got shifted to RU. I could really see how much effort you were putting in and it worked out so well. RNG and matchup do happen unfortunately or otherwise you´d have an even better record, but we all that you killed it in RU which you haven´t rlly played a lot before iirc. Either way, I truly appreciate your support whenever I felt down and I´m looking forward to rest of uusd w/ you man!

daunt vs GOAT VS!!! I don´t know much about lc cause I hate this tier, but I do know enough to confirm that you´re the absolute LC GOAT (vs). You kinda came out of nowhere cause no one rlly knew you before this tour, but man you showed everyone how good you are. I did like the way you´ve approached this tier all season and you literally owned the shit out of your opps ingame which was amazing to see! Whatever you decide to do next on this site, I´m sure you´re gonna be successful in it, so keep at it man!! [It might be time for you to play uu soon in uusd, who knows]

Ren-chon "We lose" -Ren-chon (in game discussion EVERY FUCKING TIME). Well, it turned out to be our lucky charm, cause Ren-Ren was wrong 90% of the time, so l2p. Either way, shit went down like a renegade in your games and it was fun to watch. I think you should get a starting position next time 100%, cause you rlly bring a lot of activity and skill to the table that is required for these tours. Other than that, your chat presence is everything. You´re such a fun person to be around and really supportive and that´s what makes a good teammate. I hope we meet again in future tours!!

byronthewellwell well well, unfortunately I gotta tell you that you weren´t that well well in the end, but rather greatgreatgoatedyouownedthelivingshitoutofthesepeoplelet´sgoooo. Bro, you literally went from an 0-2 start to 7-2, I mean do I have to say more??? That was THE comeback of the fucking season and you did that man. You deserve to be on top of the ubers pool, cause you managed to learn out of your mistakes and turn it into ownage haha. It´s crazy to see someone who´s just learnt the current ss ubers metagame to dominate the pool that hard and you can be so fucking proud of that. Can´t wait to see what you´ll do next and when we meet again!

freezai Even though I couldn´t rlly get to know you that much, I did enjoy the effort you put into your own games as well as your youtube videos. I appreciate that you´re willing to try out new tiers you haven´t played before and we´ve see that you´re able to grab wins no matter where you´re slotted and that´s a sign. I hope we meet again in future tours bro and keep up the great work!!

dahli Now it´s your turn. I wanna start by saying that your record doesn´t show what you´re capable of or how great you are at all. You deserve so much better than what people have been saying. It´s happened to a lot of other people before, but they´ve managed to come back strong and prove these haters wrong and I´m sure you will do the same thing. I got to know you a little and you´re a great person from what I can tell. You´re active, motivated and willing to go all in, and that mindset and work ethic will get you far. So keep at it and come back strong, cause you will get another shot. You´re great imo and I wanna team w/ you again in the future and see you succeed!

Toxigen Let´s all take a moment to appreciate Toxigen, I love this dude so much. You were one of the people that made this tour so special to me and I´m so grateful for you support throughout this whole tour. You´re a great person and I saw how fucking active you were in prep w/ Spurrific each week. I truly hope you´ll get a chance to start in dou next year, cause you really deserve a shot imo. The game you´ve played in semis was amazing and showcased that you´re ready for tours like this. I rlly rlly hope we meet again in the future bro. You´re awesome!

Fille To this day, idk who you really are lmao, but all I know is that you´re my guy. You seem like such a fun dude that you can joke around w/ all the time haha. Despite all of the memes thanks to Osh and Alpha Rabbit, you managed to go positive on the sheet which seems like a blast and almost revolutionary too! Either way, make sure you draft this dude again next time, he´s a legend imo.


pokemonisfun POKEMONMACHTSPAß POKEMACHTSPAß URKOMISCH HILARIOUS HILARY, MY GOAT! It was honor to have you on our chat and I´m so glad that you accepted my request back then. It´s a shame you didn´t get picked up in my honest opinion, cause you def would´ve deserved a spot, but looking on the bright side of things, I got to know you so much better throughout this tour and I´m so damn happy about it. I truly appreciate everything you´ve done for me and your continuous support in predicts made me try even harder week after week. There´s no denying it, your support meant so much to me and I think it had a positive influence on my mindset and performance, so THANK YOU! I could go on and say a million other things like how our draft plan for uusd was completely ruined and we were forced to improvise and ended up getting a good team lmao, but I love you man. You´re amazing and the things you´ve said mean a lot to me. I´ll def be more active in the uusd chat in the following weeks to come to ensure our team will win this thing and I´m looking forward to what´s still to come! Also, this is for you and your own sake future managers of scl: If you wanna do yourself a favor, draft pif and he´ll get you a good record and contribute to a great team atmosphere. He´s amazing and NOT just a ladder guy, but he still dominates it obv cause he´s the fucking GOAT.

Aurella Will of Fire It was an honor to have both of you on the server. It felt like we had four managers instead of just two tbh haha. I was kinda surprised and sad that you didn´t get picked as managers for scl, cause I´ve only ever heard good stuff about you from your team last season. One thing´s for sure: That´s got to change. You guys and Niko were literally 70% of our OU lines and I don´t mean to imply that our ou guys haven´t been active, cause they have. But you guys were just crazy! To be so dedicated to a tour even after what happened is more than admirable and you guys should definitely get the chance to manage the next time you want to! I also wanna point out that your mental support throughout the season meant a lot to me since I had to deal w/ a ton of bs myself outside our team and you guys helped me to not give a damn anymore and just do my thing, and it means a lot. In particular you Aurella. I don´t get why people have been toxic towards you, cause you´re literally everything I´d want from a manager. Your scouts are the best scouts I´ve ever seen and you´ve been there for me and the others till the very end, so huge respect and thanks for that!! Idk if you´re planning on managing for spl, but if you do, you should get picked 100%, cause you make a great duo and could literally win!!

Niko I hope you see this once you´re unbanned, but my man. It feels like we´ve been teaming all season. You were honestly more than just a supporter. You were like a teammate to me and the amount you put into the ou prep and general support was amazing! Ik that a lot of people here hate your guts and it is what it is unfortunately, cause you´re not as bad as people claim. We´ve also met under different circumstances ig through Punny at first and now through SCL, but despite our initial doubts, we were able to break the ice and you´re a good guy imo. What I value about you most as a player is that you´re not afraid to tell people what was good and what they still need to improve in a way that seems fair and not judgmental. You only ever want the best for your own team and I can say that you´re one of the people that can make a team succeed, cause you´re willing to invest in them and support them till the bitter end. As a person, I do get along w/ you rlly well and I do hope we keep in touch man. Also, the broship you´ve got going on w/ Punny is kinda cute ngl haha.

TPP My man TeamPokéKumpels! Your name actually holds true it seems, cause you´re truly a great friend and person. Thanks for the continuous support throughout these weeks and being there for me when things weren´t so easy. You´ve been doing great yourself this tour and even though you´re not 100% satisfied, I´m sure you´re gonna do even better in SPL! Can´t wait to see you killing it once again. I also wanna point out how much you´ve improved this past couple of year and I´m glad I could witness this progress and you deserve all the success that´s coming your way man!

Indigo Plateau IP my man. I wanted to give you a shoutout as well, cause you´ve been testing w/ me ever since the shifts happened and uu got bad haha. I´m truly happy that you got to prove these haters wrong w/ your performance this season and I wish you good luck for your last game this week. No matter what happens though, you did your thing and were one of the top uu players this year and you can be proud of yourself! Thanks for being there for me when all the bs went down. You´re my man, Indigeau Puto!

I also wanna say thank you to all the people who´ve been joining our server. We wouldn´t have made it this far without you guys and you´ve helped us out a ton! I wanna shoutout hs, KM, and mncmt in particular who´ve been helping me in prep and tests last week. You guys def know your shit and it´s no suprise you´ve delivered this season!! Keep it up and thanks for everything!!

Alright, that´s it! Thanks again to everyone who´s been rooting for me this entire season, especially all of my German fellas and robjr. It truly means a lot to me and I wish you guys the very best in future tours! Just like after WCOP this year, my resolve has not faltered! This is just the beginning and you haven´t even seen the best of me yet. I´ll continue to grind, get better and get where I wanna be, so watch out for that! Peace out


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