Finals Smogon Champions League - Finals [Won by the Orange Islanders]

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Very cool to see a team of relatively new faces and obscure-ish names (don't mean this as a jab) grab the win, very impressive and congratulations.

Special congrats to Stone_Cold who should now be considered one of the best team tour managers of all time, TJ and tazz who are two supremely rad fellows, and although I don't know you much, one for Ox the Fox for such an incredible display this year nabbing so many trophies. Props!

Indigo Plateau

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ggs Terrors, you guys were great all tour and I'm really happy the finals were between us two. Crazy to think that I'm ending up with a trophy when I wasn't even planning on joining this tour but did just to prove to myself that I could hang in an official setting after 0-5. I had some shaky moments but I'm really happy that even with some very unfortunate personal events, I was able to finish tied for the 2nd best UU record. Now on to my first time doing these - good luck on figuring out the order team.

pdt The pregame ritual never fails bro. I've lost track of how many tours we've teamed with for already but I'm happy that we got to win a trophy together. I see you as my little brother and that's why at times I can get more frustrated with you than others, but it's all love. You're always willing to help and as clicky as you can be, you're one of my favorite testing partners. Glad you got some playing time this tournament too, just remember to slow down and you'll be able to get to that high ceiling I know you have bro.

FatFighter2 Nice perfect record with us winning every time that you made our schedule, the real saving grace this season :p I didn't check out the Ubers channel a lot but whenever I did, I saw that you were invaluable help there and always had a good attitude throughout the season. Really glad we got to know each other despite how ugly your tier is :)

Rubyblood Goated OU support?? Again, I didn't really check OU channels all that much but I constantly saw you in them, helping everyone as much as you could even with limited time. I'm glad that you got a chance to play and end up with an undefeated record, your team presence was irreplaceable and I hope to see more of you in the future :)

odr My fellow Michigander. I wanted to talk so much shit after eventually ending up with a better record than you but you're lucky I won't get to do that this time.. Teaming with you was fun as fuck, mainly because you were up during the ungodly hours of the morning where no one else would be around to help me. After you did well the last couple UUPLs I was really happy we ended up on a team together and I think we got to know each other much more too. Let's go win UUSD now my guy, much love.

devin My man, really sorry that I never ended up using that Custap Primarina set that you kept suggesting LOL. Now that the tour is over I can honestly tell you that I tested it but I was never going to bring it to an official LOOL. Aside from that, you did pop in and out of my channel, so thanks for the help. It might've not been the season you were hoping for but you're still a really good player and I love watching your teams + games, having a creative mind goes a long way.

mind gaming Unfortunate game in the finals with a rough mu but you were still amazing throughout the tour in the games you played. Thanks for stepping in when our OU was struggling and giving us some more life, you played extremely well this tour especially being a 3k pick and were fantastic to talk to as well :)

OnArceus My good AHS affiliate, you had a really rough start to this tour but turned it around halfway through and had HUGE wins for us in playoffs. You should be happy with how your first official turned out after having a really good NUPL run too. I hope that big things are in store for you, just remember to keep taking your time and stay calm and I'm sure you'll keep finding success :)

TJ POP SMOKE. We had always had pleasant interactions in the past but I loved the fact that we finally got to team together. You were basically our third manager and everyone knows that. You turned the fuck up in playoffs and smashed in your games, proving that you really are the best PU player rn. Hope that we can stay in touch in the future because you brought nothing but good vibes whenever we talked homie.

boulicrok Holy fuck bro where do I start.. 10-1.. are you fucking insane? You played out of your mind this entire tournament. I legit thought that alongside Ubers, LC was a tier that I would never enjoy watching and then you showed up. You even inspired me to be somewhat active in the LC chat which I would've put money on not happening LOL. Thanks for being the backbone of this team week in and week out bouligoat. Big things are waiting for you.

Eternal Spirit I still laugh at the fact that I thought you hated me going into this tour LOL. You turned out to be the complete opposite of what I expected, and even though you weren't as active as you were maybe hoping for at the start, glad you ended up getting that job. I'm sorry that my usage of & triggered you at times (I've purposely avoided using it this entire time for you LOL) but thanks for being a leader multiple times when the team needed you.

Mishimono MISH MISH. Doubles continues to be too much of a big brain tier for me but watching you play was so pleasant. 6-4 on your first team tour is really good and I'm glad you turned it around after 1-2. I was honestly surprised that you ended 6-4 because it felt that bar RNG or the occasional slip-up, I'd always feel confident with your games. Keep tearing it up in doubles bro.

tazz Every time I see your name I just think of the cat avi now lmao. Bouli was the team mvp but you worked your ass off with him ensuring that everything was spot on week in and week out. A helper like you is a godsend for a team and you two had perfect chemistry all season long. Thanks for being the support to the backbone of our team, your metagame knowledge is honestly next level.

Stone_Cold It is mind boggling to me that you keep getting carried to trophies you old fart LMAO. Jokes aside, I know we had some misunderstandings pre-draft but I'm surprised that you still trusted in me to start despite being labeled as unviable by the sheet and pro Pokemon analyzers. Ever since I wanted to be in US South years ago, you've been like a mentor to me and always given me good advice on both mons + life. I can't give you enough thanks :MoneyBagDave:

avarice Ah, my fellow cheeser... I lost count of how many times you suggested using Webs, Sun, and Stall this tour LOL. I know that I tend to work on my own things sometimes and you might not think you were helpful, but you came through when I needed help and you were always around to bounce ideas/teams with me. Like Ruby, I'm really happy that you got a chance to play in your first official game and had a pretty dominant performance. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll get more chances g.

Exiline mf clutching sexiline. I didn't get to talk to you as much as I wanted to this season but it was only fitting that you won the game to close it out after being bullied by Dave's ugly ass the whole tour lool. You gave me good vibes whenever you were around and were always supporting after my games and I sincerely hope that we get to keep talking to each other more in the future.


Staxi The real manager of the team oml. You keep downtalking your importance but you put in a ton of time for drafting, you were always supporting and encouraging everyone on the team, and I honestly can't think of anyone else that would've been a better fit for Dave and the rest of the team. We all love how much work you put in and I'm so happy we were able to come out with a trophy for it!

Ox the Fox YEAR OF THE OX. You're a fucking beast bro, three trophies in one year and 8-3? Sheesh man relax. I remember when I talked to TPP about WCoP (my first year not really interested in it when you guys won ofc), he had nothing but good things to say about you, and he was spot on. You're a fantastic teammate and player, people like you are pretty rare on this site and I'm really happy for your success. Now go win SPL.

fespy Our invaluable Doubles support and the person we would always tag to explain the games when they started LOL. I'm sure that Mish appreciated your support throughout the season and I know the team did because no one knew what the fuck was going on otherwise. I wish we had talked more but you were hands down one of the nicest people I've met on this site, you deserve nothing but good things and love bro.

Won't go through all the helpers but you know who you all are, much love to you too. And one last time, Go Islanders :heart:


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Glad to be a part of this squad. So happy y’all grabbed the W and I’m more than happy to have been with y’all throughout the whole thing. Thanks for making this tournament so fun and exciting to watch guys, and @OU, I know I was harsh sometimes but at the end of the day you got the trophy so who gives a fuck. Y’all deserve it boys!! WOOO GO TEAM LETS GUCKING. GO. YEHWUEUDUQH


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what a ride, from the beginning there was an energy about that the team that had a winning mindset, and i'm super happy that we were able to go all the way. after coming so close to a trophy previously it feels good to finally get one. even if i wasn't always starting i still got the chance to play in 4 games and be involved in many tiers, and you guys made my contributions feel legitimate, so thank you.

Stone_Cold want to say thank you for giving me multiple chances to play and setting me up to help the team be successful. you were encouraging and honest with the team and that's exactly what we needed throughout the season. you also put in a lot of work preparing your players behind the scenes, at least with me in pms. :scldave:

Staxi you were around when it counted to cheer on the team, even if we made fun of you. hopefully we can play some ubers together sometime soon, you're a really nice guy to talk to. thanks for managing and picking me up friend

ima gonna lump you in with the managers because you did a lot for encouraging our ou core especially and cheering on the team. i enjoyed talking about things like your passion for music and favorite foods with you, thanks for being there

OnArceus when i first interacted with you we played in nupl during your winstreak, i got double effect spore slept + outplayed and was salty about it for months haha. i wasn't sure which of us were going to play the nu slot, which you were probably more qualified to do, but i had a good time prepping with you and shooting down your obsession with cincinno. we tested a lot and even though your confidence was shaken after a few tough games, you came in really clutch in the playoffs with two really solid wins. it was fun to get to know you better, and i hope to team again sometime. i enjoyed the random gifs you would post with no context in island talk, it gave me some good laughs.

ACR1 you were basically part of the team and our nu core with testing with onarceus just as much as i did, and being extremely active in our building processes. i can't thank you enough for sticking around and putting in so much work, you're a fun guy to talk to as well.

Indigo Plateau ah, my brother. as much as i intentionally try to mess with you with joke sets and cracked plays during our tests, i always have a blast playing tournaments with you. we've come a long way since winning uupl together and there's no one else i'd rather win a trophy with. you always are there for me in pokemon but more importantly in life, and i really appreciate our friendship. i enjoyed seeing you go on a winning streak since basically 2 uupls ago and now confidently winning official tour games. i feel like we have gotten so much closer over the past couple of years and it is always fun to talk to you, now lets win uusd.

avarice my man dillon, we definitely started talking a lot more this year in golducks and i enjoy your sense of humor and talking to you. you were a big part of our uu core, testing and throwing ideas around to help us diversify our teams, super glad to win a trophy together.

odr godr. we seem to have a knack for winning lower tier team tours together, even since i won one of my very first tournaments in ltpl together. your confidence in playing and chill personality always brings a good presence to the team, and its fun to goon around together with you. i probably could've been a little more proactive in your channel besides dropping one liners and asking questions to make sure everything was going smoothly, but it was fun to be a part of the process in your ru run even if you were pretty self-sufficient with teams. let's do it again in uusd my friend.

TJ i wasn't really expecting to be as involved in pu as i was this season. you and i played easily over 100 games of tests throughout the tour and you were basically another manager. you always went out with confidence and did your best to be a rock for the team, leading by example in your thorough prep in your channel and positive attitude. we also talked quite a bit because of our daily questions and it was fun getting to know you. lets have a good time in puwc :).

boulicrok jesus man. not gonna lie going into the tournament i did not expect a clean ass 10-1 and domination in the tier. your slot was one i could always count on to snag us a win, and you were always positive and dedicated through your prep process and playing. it was a pleasure talking to you and making fun of staxi together. i hope to see more of you in tournaments and team together again sometime.

tazz the unsung hero of bouli's domination through the tour. bouli's an amazing player but i don't think we could've done it without you. your prep was super impressive to watch, with quick analysis that was almost always on point. your teambuilding really shined together with bouli, and it was fun to team together. thanks for all your help and hopefully we can play together again.

Exiline the sexiline. it was always funny seeing you and dave interact with him always getting onto your ass about prepping. your games were super entertaining to watch, and sorry i couldn't help out much in prep because i'm dogshit at ubers. you're a really chill guy as well and you clutched it this week.

FatFighter2 your support in ubers and scheduling was invaluable, and it was really fun getting to know you outside of pokemon. you're a really nice dude and thanks for keeping the sexiline in check, shame we couldn't give obstagoon a win in ubers. really good stuff this tour, hope to see you around in them again.

Ox the Fox since i first interacted with you during us south's world cup run, you were always a fun guy to talk to in that server. i was super excited to team with you because i really enjoy your playstyle and your attitude toward the game. you were an integral part of our teams winning attitude and culture and congrats on the amazing year of success. it was fun getting to know you better as well and hope to goon around with the south guys in the future.

Mishimono mish mish, my man. you were busy but always put in time to bring good teams and played with confidence through all your games. i don't understand dou for shit but i really enjoyed watching your matches. congrats on the amazing performance and good luck in future dou endeavors.

fespy you were so important in our dou success and to be honest not sure if mish would have been able to do his prep so well without were always full of creative and good ideas, and your knowledge of the metagame impressed me. it was fun having you on the team, maybe we'll get to finally link up sometime. thanks for all your help.

JRL Yellow Paint didn't interact with you guys much but you guys were there to help with dou from the beginning. thanks for all your help with dou, and glad to have you guys around.

mind gaming i remember the first time we teamed in ltpl on tlenit's team i was always entertained by your creative ideas. i was impressed by the way you stepped up this season and held our ou steady, picking up some really big wins. i really appreciated your effort in games especially, and congrats on the solid performance. its always fun to team together.

devin i know the season didn't go exactly how you wanted, and neither did mine. at the end of the day we did it though. you still supported even when you weren't playing in ou, uu, ru, and nu, always dropping comments and bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the tier. some of my favorite games from this team were the test games i would play with you late at night my time, and i enjoy watching your games as well. i know you're capable of big things, and i look forward to seeing you succeed in the future. it was fun getting to know you, shame we didn't get picked to manage NDPL together. let's play together again sometime.

Rubyblood thanks for all your help supporting ou, you were very active in testing and putting input in to our ou core. you were an essential part of our team's success, and it was fun talking to you outside of pokemon as well. i hope to see you play in these tours in the future, you definitely have a bright future ahead in pokemon.

Eternal Spirit :yoshi: i understand now why dave says you're one of his favorite players to team with. you make the game fun, not taking it too seriously but also confidently going out and playing. your ou builds were super interesting to see even if i was not really involved in ou prep that much. your messages would always make me laugh and you really helped bring our team together when it counted.
☆pinkdragontamer: gg
☆Eternal Spirit: gg?
☆Eternal Spirit: the only reason i dont say what you deserve is cause i have a finals set to play in 1h30

and this always makes me laugh haha

there were some other helpers that were there from the start Bag of Trixx fabwooloo Fardin (fardad) that helped out the team in various ways, really appreciate your guys' support, and thanks to all the other helpers that helped liven up the server by joining during playoffs and helping out in prep as well.

much love to the islanders, thanks you guys for making it a really great experience for me and everyone else.


mish mish
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At the start of the year I didn't really have great expectations after doing pretty poor in 2020 and was just hoping I could get drafted in this tour, but the year ended up going pretty well for me and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to play in one of these tours. I used to get nervous of playing in big team tours so I wouldn't even signup, but I'm glad I finally did as its something pretty unique on smogon. These tours are hard though and I was getting pretty burnt out especially going back to school irl, so I wasn't that active at times, but maybe not thinking about the game so much was helpful for me to not take everything so seriously. Its epic to win the trophy on the first go and it can be something I can always remember if I stop playing the tier. Shoutouts to everyone I played for being great competitors and to everyone involved for a fun tournament. I hope this continues to be a successful tournament.

Stone_Cold Staxi Thanks for drafting me and always having faith in my abilities. My only real interaction with either of you before the tournament was my poor showings vs Staxi in the oras globals where I haxed the fuck out of him in the 2nd set and still lost. I appreciate you both for creating a great atmosphere right from the and encouraging me even when I lost or played poorly. Dave's messages to start the week were especially helpful to keep me confident as its easy for me to doubt myself. You're both great people and I'd love to play for you guys again.

FatFighter2 Think it was just this winter or so when I thought you were just some random tours room goon farming up randoms to climb the leaderboard. I know now you are much more than that and if you were on a lot of other teams I'm sure you would've gotten a lot of opportunity to play. Unfortunate that you didnt really get a chance to play your only game this season, but I know you will have many more chances in the future

Rubyblood You didn't really get much opportunity to play in this tournament, but I saw your competitive attitude and I know you have the drive to be a top player. Hopefully with your recent olt run you get a chance to play in spl, but I know if you continue to have the motivation that I'm sure I will be seeing you among the top in many tours to come.

avarice like pdt, I wasn't really that aware of what you did in lower tiers, but I always saw you in the channels and I know with all the work you did to help obii last snake that you are more than deserving of the trophy. I also just saw your halloween candy tier list and cookies and cream hersheys are 100% at the top. That combined with your music taste shows me you must have good mons opinions too so maybe I'll have to try cheesing in dou sometime.

Exiline The goat sexiline. Ill never understand ubers and especially your games when you are clicking at the speed of light, but you clutched us the win in the finals and saving me from playing a deciding game when you won vs Poek was one of my favourite moments of the season.

mind gaming thanks for stepping up in the later weeks, idk ou that well, but I think you played great and I hope to see you playing in spl.

TJ I loved your enthusiasm throughout the entire tour, I often had moments where I didn't really want to put any effort into the tournament, but seeing you hype everyone up would motivate me to get back into it. I really had fun with all your random questions in the boop channel as well. You were amazing in pu as well and like odr I was able to watch most of your games and was always impressed by how cleanly you played. 3peat next year?

boulicrok you are the fucking goat nothing much else to say. It was really great to have a slot that I could so confidently believe in to win every single week. I don't know how you did this little cup because that tier looks filled with variance, but you managed to always win. For 3k, you were easily the best pick of the entire tournament.

devin I know you probably wish you did a bit better but you got important wins in the early week which got us the momentum to carry us through the tour. Especially after your olt run I know you have what it takes to really do well in one of these and I'm sure it will come to you soon.

odr I managed to watch most of your games live and always felt impressed with how calculated you seemed with your moves. This along with your confidence to win any game was impressive to me and something I wish could do better with. That finals game was also crazy I don't know how you won that shit, mightve honestly saved the whole tour.

OnArceus Early in the season I thought maybe you were nervous and would rush some games without really thinking everything through, but your playoff games were impressive and you slowed down really playing to the best of your ability. Keep it up, you've done amazingly well in the short time you've been on smogon.

pdt I wasn't that aware of what was going in lower tier prep channels, but I always saw you helping and you really got it going with onarceus in the playoffs. You were hyping everyone up throughout the tour and great at helping keep the chat active as well. I'll also never forget the game vs askov with the last turn high roll crit. I hate myself for enjoying that as much as I did.

Eternal Spirit like ox you had come off a tough spl, but were on good streak since then in individuals, and while maybe you wanted a slightly better record, you had the hardest schedule but you took down eo and got us the momentum right away in semis by ending bea's streak. It is hard to play this game for a long time and its always impressive when a player can keep playing at the top like yourself. Glad to see you get the trophy after coming as close as you possibly can in stour.

Indigo Plateau All I'd known about you before this tour was your 0-6 record on the sheet and your unviable status in the shake power rankings, but you clearly proved you weren't that this tour as all your games looked very impressive when even your losses could have easily been wins. I enjoyed seeing you fuck with everyone in the server but you'd always be able to get dialed in when it was game time.

Ox the Fox you've been on a crazy streak lately which is even more impressive after you struggled a bit in spl. You got us many clutch wins and I always admired how confident you were going into any game at any time. Enjoy another trophy and maybe you can get 4 going at once this spl.

fespy Yellow Paint JRL Thanks for the help with dou, I was busier irl than I've probably ever been for most of this tour, so the help was super beneficial to make things easier for me. I wouldn't have made a single ev spread if you weren't there fespy.

tazz while bouli dominated on the battlefield I'm sure a big part of his success was all the support you were able to provide. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say when bouli played as you were always able to explain the game state and it really helped me to follow along.

thanks to everyone else who supported the islanders at any point in the season. I enjoyed getting to learn things about everyone, you all made the experience better and were a part of us winning as well. mish mish


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a very sad ending for the terrors, and a very sad last game for the tour, but congratulations dave staxi ff2 tj and the rest of the islanders you guys were dominant pretty much the whole tour and deserved to win it all

Exiline-I think u took a lot of blows for the team like getting subbed into 2 games at the last minute and just trying to do well which is commendable.I also think u were a good sub for the most part.But there was this one time I asked for opinions about a team I was gonna use and after reading what u said I muted my channel.There are a few things I have seen u say in games and in certain posts which I would advise u to stop and control.Despite all this I think u do make for a good teammate and I wish u luck in the future and hope u do well.
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