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The first edition of the Smogon Champions League is starting soon and as usual we start by selecting the managers. Only post in this thread if you would like to signup to manage, any other kind of post will be deleted and your posting access in Tournament Policy may be revoked. Everyone (past, assistant, and new managers alike) are required to sign up if you wish to manage with no exceptions. From this SCL and onwards, however, you are allowed to sign up as a solo manager (i.e. you do not necessarily have to sign up with an assistant manager.) The draft will be scheduled around the weekend of August 27th-30th and Week 1 will begin September 6th.

The 10 available franchises and their mascot Pokemon are:
  • Arena Spartans - Aegislash
  • Circuit Breakers - Melmetal
  • Indigo Platoon - Falinks
  • Mt. Silver Foxes - Ninetales
  • Orange Islanders - Exeggutor
  • Power Plant Dynamos - Galarian Zapdos
  • Showdown Shoguns - Toxapex
  • Studio Gible - Gible
  • Technical Machines - Mew
  • Uncharted Terrors - Gyarados
The tiers for this year's tournament are as follows:
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • SS Ubers
  • SS DOU
  • SS UU
  • SS RU
  • SS NU
  • SS PU
  • SS LC
Manager signups will close on August 12th. The hosts will announce the chosen managers and open player signups shortly afterward.

Amaranth, Perry, and I will be hosting this edition of Smogon Champions League. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!
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managing with Fylkir Pudin. i was a manager in national dex monotype premier league I which i worked very hard in. we also have an extensive database of strengths and weaknesses of monotype players giving us the ability to construct a diverse team to suit the provided tiers in this tournament

currently willing to take any of the teams except the silver foxes.

p.s. can someone give my co-manager permissions to reply here so he can confirm
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