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Alpha Rabbit and I would like to manage a team this SCL. Both of us have experience in the previous rendition of this tournament for the past three years as players having made the semis and finals of this tour respectively.We have managed in sub-forum tours such as NUPL and RUPL, with Rabbit also managing in wcop, and have also been involved in every tier this SCL over the past year. I have also very recently made slam semis and have been in slam playoffs consecutively for the past three years having achieved first, first and third seed respectively. We are in touch with current metagames and believe we would make great managers for this tournament.


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Me and Ninjadog would like to take a stab at this. In the past year, I have won RUSD as a manager, and brought my LTPL and RUWC teams to finals as well. Other than that, I have brought a win home as a manager in a previous LCPL, and helped my RUPL team make semis tiebreaker. Ninja has also had managerial experience in LCPL and LCWC. Ninja has been a keen right hand for me in many of these tours, as an honorary manager / clutch player.

When it comes to tournament results, Ninja is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in LC today, with his win in LC open and qualifying for Slam playoffs. I also had a good run in LC open, where I lost in the semifinals to Ninja himself. Ninja has been in every official team tour on Smogon, playing OU and LC. I have played in every iteration of SSD, playing Ubers, OU and LC. Both of us also have good experiences in all lower tiers. I am on the top 5 RU HoF, and Ninja and I have been involved with every tier's PLs, besides UPL. We have team wins for UU, RU, NU and LCPL.



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Manager signups will be closing in just under 48 hours. If you're intending to sign up, do so before the deadline. The manager pairs will be announced soon after signups close, though their claimed teams will be announced at a later date.

Player signups will go up very shortly after the manager pairs are revealed.
Signing up with Askov again this time around (but seriously).

Askov and I have played in several team tours, with him winning 1 SPL with the Ruiners. We're both very in touch with lower tiers, and Askov has a deep knowledge of OU, having built several of the teams used by team Brazil in WCOP the last few years.

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