Smogon Champions League I - Week 6

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Participation dropped a lot from 55 to 41 predictors this week and from a max of 82; it seems if you want to win you just have to keep playing! Remember, you can win $50 + Discord Nitro just from bolding names in our SCL Discussion Thread! Here is my favorite prediction post.

Nails (98%) vs. Paraplegic (2%)
Z Strats (98%) vs. YoBuddy (2%)
Qwello Lee (88%) vs. Actuarily (12%)
stax (76%) vs. Frania (24%)
Mishimono (41%) vs. Spurrific (59%)
Z Strats401YoBuddy
Qwello Lee365Spurrific
Fun Fact: Paraplegic was the one participant to predict for himself and YoBuddy.
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