Smogon Champions League II - Player Signups [Auction August 28th @ 1 PM GMT -4]

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Banned deucer.
Player Name: Pinorska
Tiers Played: SS UU, SS NU, SS PU, SS RU, SS LC, SS DOU, SS Ubers
Timezone: GMT-3
PS! Username: Pinorska

hi managers! with recent deep runs in uu tours, uu snake draft participation, nupl build help, ru world cup managing, top 50 placements in lc open and a deep run in odst (i gave up my run bc my girlfriends in town), I’m ready to be your test slave and build slave this SCL. Recent tours include dpppl, zupl and nfepl. I’m active as hell and a super dedicated chat presence. I mainly bring my versatility, I play and build all the non-OU tiers, my NU building is a bit weaker, tho.
Willing to be a helper if not drafted. Gl all!
Player Name: TheShoddyStrawman
Tiers Played: SS LC
Timezone: GMT+1
PS! Username: TheShoddyStrawman

Heyo, I’m putting my hat into the ring. I got into Pokémon showdown competitively via Freezai’s videos, and adopted SS LC as my tier of choice. I’m willing to help out with teams if not drafted. My prior experience is LCPL and getting to Round 4 of LC Majors. Good luck to everyone involved!

P.S. subscribe to thekingkarp on YouTube, his videos really helped me as a player.
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