Smogon Champions League III - Week 1

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SV Ubers: Exiline vs fade - I think Exiline is slightly better in this match-up esp SV is such a chaotic environment rn and exi never build, but at least he play ubers more I guess

SV Ubers: M Dragon vs entrocefalo - I resepect a lot M dragon as a player but I think tier experience is also important and entro undoubtedly is leading M Dragon by far in terms of that

SV Ubers: SiTuM vs Fc - I think SiTuM will have the luck this time.

SV Ubers: Highlord vs SoulWind - hey highlord you can PM kekkker for more SV meta analysis -_,-

SV Ubers: RichardMillePlain vs Icemaster - Both have my full respect and just by recent record I bold Ice. sorry richard :3

GL to you guys and I just cannot wait to see how you guys will suffer from scaleshot koraidon.


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After sabotaging my two WCoP games after a strong start, I figured something was wrong with my approach to Pokemon. So, I had this idea of recording myself live-commentating this year's SCL games in order to sort of be consistent in my thoughts.

I think I played this game pretty well for the most part, but obviously things didn't end how I wanted. I decided not to upload the full video because all that thinking and build-up towards such a moronic end on my part felt pretty rough.

I'll try to upload my games, win or lose, in the future regardless and make sure I don't sabotage myself again. Enjoy this little clip of seeing the misclick in real time

go Showguns, I'll come back stronger. I trust in the remaining 'guns :pray:
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