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I wanted to split this off into its own thread. We’ve gotten enough positive feedback on the two sample team logos created for Smogon Champions League that I think we can move forward with the general naming metric. The idea was to keep it very loose, so we don’t run into the problem of super generic or same-ish names like we saw with Snake or with the millions of subforum PLs.

So, the general theme is the same as SPL: each team should reference a part of Smogon in some way. That’s it! It can be really specific, where the site section is explicitly in the name (like the Wifi Wolfpack), or it can be a play on words or a more oblique reference to the section (Team Raiders for RMT, Alpha Ruiners for Ruins of Alph, Indie Scooters for Inside Scoop), etc. It can even reference old sections that are no longer used on the site (as is the case for the Ever Grande BIGs, the Dragonspiral Tyrants, etc.).

The two teams that were chosen for sample logos to get a feel for this were the Power Plant Dynamos (Zapdos mascot) and the Orange Islanders (Exeggutor mascot):


So, with all positive feedback thus far, we wanted to start brainstorming more potential names. In order to keep things consistent, manage branding and have proper time for artists to create the required artwork, the idea is to have all of this chosen well before the tour starts, rather than having managers choose each team name as is commonly done in the subforum PLs.

Anyhow, we’d love to hear your ideas! Here are some general things to keep in mind when thinking of names:

  • There should be a good variety of names and themes - some tough, some clever, some outright funny, some with more of a masc or femme theme, etc. Having a good mix like this will help the teams develop distinct identities.
  • When you’re suggesting names, try to keep themes and mascots in mind as well. Some so-so ideas can be elevated by a strong mascot tie-in.
  • Avoid directly using Pokemon names if possible, unless it’s just a REALLY good fit. The Stark Sharks are way cooler than the Stark Garchomps ever would be, even if it did rhyme.
  • Think about what the team will likely be called in casual discussion! The Tyrants, the Wolfpack, the Classiest, the Cryos, etc. - these nicknames are used way more than the full official name, so keep that in mind whenever you suggest anything.
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or suggest things that are a bit silly. Some of the most enduring names came about this way.

Anyhow, to get things rolling, here are a list of sections not currently being used by SPL and some thoughts on potential names for each. Note that I did NOT make all of these name suggestions myself! Kalalokki is responsible for a good number of them, and a couple more were suggestions I heard over the past day or so on stours (don’t worry zom I’m not trying to take credit for the Flying Squirrels or the Smogoff Ice).

  • Indigo Plateau Elites
  • Victory Road Aces
  • Indigo Arsenal
  • Indigo Champions

  • Mt. Silver Foxes
  • Silver Mountaineers
  • Mt. Silver Stallions
  • Mt. Silver Sabres
  • Mt. Silver Timberwolves
  • Mt. Silver Avalanche
  • Long John Mt. Silvers
  • Something with Silverbacks? Makes a good tie-in with Rillaboom

  • Uncharted Explorers
  • Something theme-wise involving a compass and the Magnemite line?

  • Power Plant Dynamos (see sample logo)

WAIL/Pokemon Showdown
  • Wailing Wailords
  • Killer WAILs/Whales
  • Showdown Showtime
  • Showdown Shoguns (lots of good ‘mon tie-ins for this one, like Rhyperior, good logo potential and we don’t have anything PS themed yet)

  • Smogcourt Knights (something with a badass Corviknight logo probably)
  • Smogcourt Cavaliers
  • Smogcourt Royals
  • Smogcourt Senators

  • Unionized Adjuncts
  • Class Acts
  • Gym Class Heroes

  • Orange Islanders (see sample logo)

  • Renaissance Masters
  • Renaissance Manaphies/Renaissance Men (I know I said no direct pokemon names but it seemed like a fun pun of renaissance man)

  • Studio Muses
  • Studio Pros
  • Arthouse Grinders
  • Arthouse Horrors
  • Arthouse Renaissance
  • The Starving Artists

  • Something Aviators?
  • TFP United
  • The Flying Squirrels

  • Smogon’s Greatest Hitters

  • lol
  • Smogoff Ice

  • Arena Players
  • Arena Brawlers
  • Arena Pokemon League
  • Arena Rockers
  • Something with stadium? I feel like there’s a lot of potential in this section in general beyond just “Arena XXX.”

  • Haven’t dug deep into this idea yet but an international, embassy or spy-themed team could be a cool concept and could tie into the translations section even if it never actually uses the word “Translations.”

  • No good names coming up right off the bat but Porygon or Deoxys tie-in would make sense here and both could turn into a really cool logo.

  • Something involving the Socs? Basically a play on the White Sox/Red Sox.
  • Media Players
  • (Something) Socials

I’m sure there are tons of others that I’m missing, and a lot of these aren’t very good but are just there to help get the ball rolling. So, let’s hear some of your thoughts, suggestions, etc.! Any of these or other suggestions that you love or hate? Anything you think absolutely needs to be used as a mascot or a theme? Any ways to tie things in to the site beyond what was listed here? Here’s the place to shout it out!

let's pander to nostalgia

There's a couple of names here that are already kinda puns in themselves. The Flying Press Libres with Hawlucha as mascot seems the go-to there, since the Flying Press thing is already a pun on a wrestling move with a newspaper.

(Smeargle's) Studio Beatniks is also a three-for-one as you can abbreviate it to the " the Nicks", changes the art studio theme to a music studio theme so its not so blatant, and Smeargle literally already has the style of hat for it. *finger snap*

If you want a spy theme, then Moles or Sleuths are both catchy and easy to work with. "Translations Moles" sounds crap though. Could maybe try "Internet Reconnaisance Sleuths/Moles"
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I think some of my original suggestions are in here already, my Long John Silvers take was Long Swan Silvers. Other forums to consider would be The Great Library and Policy Review (I think this hasn't been taken, hogg couldn't remember either).
There's a couple of names here that are already kinda puns in themselves. The Flying Press Libres with Hawlucha as mascot seems the go-to there, since the Flying Press thing is already a pun on a wrestling move with a newspaper.
Yeah, but this is literally TFP's logo already, think that will clash maybe a bit too much

Social Media = The Socialites
ftr this is basically what those badged ppl have been called as a role in our discord for as long as I've been around, but it's such a non-section on the forums as a whole (I literally just made it so I didn't have to have my stuff spread all over) so I really hope we don't pick it as a candidate lol


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The Policy Officers (:quag: emoji)
Champions & Communists
Some pun with CAP (The CAPoeiristas, CAPitalists, HandiCAP, EsCAPologists, CloudsCAPers, SeasCAPers, I don't know :clownpepe:)
Smogon's Greatests Tits Bits (yeah, bits with maybe poryduck? or rotom idk)
The Badgerholders (obstagoon?)
The Social Mediums (some psymon)
The Smogon Tournadus (derp)
The Battling 101 Dalmatians (I think it was Stone_Cold's idea in the past)
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  • New World Scouts
Wanted to try something less linear than "Uncharted ____" and the only cool word that expresses the "explorer" feel is scouts

as mascot, it kinda fits the whole uncharted theme cause it's a mysterious entity etc, and adds to the word play of "chart" because it can be any type of the "type chart" xdd

Or one of the starters as they tend to be the PMD mascots and they are explorers rofl, could even do like The Nexus Scouts related to the latest PMD game and how its all about the uncharted territory map if u wanna be geeky


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Technical Terminators. I'm cyberdying to see a T-1000 Deoxys.
Policy Partisans. A natural fit. Keldeo comes to mind as a mon.
U.N. Broken: An international team for Translations. Pick a broken mon of your choice.


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Some other suggestions people have made to me via PM, in discord, etc., but that haven't gotten shared here yet (sorry if I missed any)...

  • Renaissance Knights (as opposed to Smogcourt Knights, still using Corviknight though)
  • Smogcourt Royals (probably with Slowking as mascot)
  • Uncharted Terrors (some kind of ghost mascot, play on Uncharted Territory)
  • Circuit Breakers (circuit tournaments reference, Regieleki mascot)
  • Sports Arena GOATs (Gogoat or Cobalion mascot)
  • New World Scouts (for Uncharted Territory)
  • General ideas for Uncharted Territory + explorer or scout themed team mascots: Arceus, an ultra beast, any person-shaped mon given a little scout's outfit (Weavile, Lucario, etc.)
  • Internet Reconnaissance (spy themed team, Inteleon mascot)
  • Something beatnik related for Smeargle's Studio (Studio Beatniks, Smeargle's Studio Beatniks, Beatnik Beatdowns, etc.)
  • Studio Beats (places on both beatniks and music beats)
  • Kartana as a potential mascot if we do the Showdown Shoguns
Thanks to everyone not named starry blanket who suggested things! Again, sorry if I missed any, and feel free to add your own thoughts here as well!
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Indigo Platoon (military theme, rhyperior or conkeldurr or that sort of mascot, although something with inteleon being a sniper could also be clever)

Silverback Scrappers (i like the silverback rillaboom idea but colloquially "silverbacks" feels awkward, i think making it an adjective works)

All the Smogcourt X names are cool but I think names with 'smog-' in them are awkward and get instantly cooler if you tweak that part out, consider taking artistic liberties and going for High Court Royals or something similar

Plague von Karma

Gweithio pethau allan...
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Amaranth has already got the best name but here are some ideas for Indigo Plateau

Indigo Plateau Commandos
Indigo Plateau Turbo (speedrunner nidoking or bust)
Indigo Infernos (fire blast tauros!!!:tauros:)
Indigo Incognitos


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Is Smogcourt Supreme just a more fun name for Infraction Appeals or is it some old forum that existed before I paid attention to the forum list?

Anyway, I love Class Acts, Studio Gibles, and Indigo Platoon out of the current suggestions. Also a Power Plant team is a must IMO, whether that be Power Plant Dynamos or something else (Dynamos seems pretty good tho).

I agree with Amaranth about Smogcourt but I think we should go in the opposite direction and focus on the "supreme" bit instead of the "court" bit: maybe something like Supreme Prosecutors for a little thematic nod? We could even use one (or all) of the Swords of Justice for the mascot.

The Flying Press is a sorta tricky one to get a good name out of. Flying Press Libres seems like the obvious choice for something sporty but idk if it feels a little too generic/obvious. Libres is a pretty good nickname tho.

Edit: Kings of the Ring with Incineroar for the mascot could be cool twist on Sports Arena
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Sorry to double post, but I think half an hour is long enough for it to not be considered spam+I don't really like editing posts in threads like this.

For Smogoff teams, I think making a joke about Boomers or Zoomers could be funny and would capture the sorta tongue-in-cheek nature of the forum quite well:
  • Smogoff Boomers with Koffing for the mascot (Smogoff is the opposite of Smogon; Smogon is German for Koffing; Koffing explodes --> is a Boomer)
  • Smogoff Zoomers with the Lati twins as mascots (Smogoff is the successor to Firebot --> is Zoomer Firebot)
I personally prefer Boomers here because it's just a little more on-the-nose and 'cuz I like the wordplay a lot more.
Indigo Plateau = Highland Berserkers, Perserker mascot viking/scottish themed. A plateau is a highland and avoids the overlap with Indie Scooters name. For the aforementioned reason I think indigo should not be the focus of any name chosen.

I like smogcourt jesters/knights but another option is Arbiters. Can have it Rillaboom themed slamming down a wood hammer gavil or something. Could also fit with the swords of justice as previously mentioned. One thing of note would be having both smogcourt and smogoff names would presumably lessen the identity of both teams if they choose to go with similar naming schemes as is currently being touted. High Court for this reason would make sense if this was to go ahead as so.

Tech Projects = Binary brainiacs or Binary Brawling Brainiacs for fans of 3x alliteration and more accurate in game trainer links. Assume some form of Porygon mascot but other stuff would surely work.

Trainer school names suggested outside gym class heroes aren't very catchy or "team name sounding" if you get me. Gym class heroes isn't bad either but its not exactly portraying power like say an Alpha Ruiner or Raider would but then again the Indie Scooters name is not exactly fear inducing so maybe it works. Trainer school does kinda feel like we're gonna end up with a name thats gonna come off predatory no matter what the outcome is if we don't kind of veer away from the school aspect and focus on knowledge instead. Spikemuth Scholars was all I could muster instead but it sucks . Would rather not have a team on smogon called the Kindergarten Cradle Snatchers with a Drifloon mascot if at all possible please so lets be careful.

As for other stuff already mentioned; Love Dynamos and Islanders (Don't for the love of god call them orange island rangers, having sectarian abuse highlighted in a team tour would be an awful thing for anyone from the Republic of Ireland to have to deal with). New worlds/nexus scouts sounds incredibly cool, probably wouldnt do arceus mascot and would pick a more bipedal looking mascot in conjunction with the scout aspect rather than the new world aspect i.e. Lucario or follow the PMD mascots. Terrors is cool too for this. Internet renaissance is a pretty clunky form name and I favor the renaissance aspect thematically. Renaissance Knights is actually pretty good. Love showdown shoguns w/ Kart and only issue with Studio Gibles is the pokemon name but special exceptions for creativity could be made. Does forever pigeon hole your branding however. Don't have a preference for the smogoff names but having a team named after zoomers/boomers comes off kinda cringe to me and doesn't feel like it would have long lasting appeal outside the meme.


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Was gonna make a quick post about this later but Gingy beat me to it so:
Don't for the love of god call them orange island rangers, having sectarian abuse highlighted in a team tour would be an awful thing for anyone from the Republic of Ireland to have to deal with
Echoing this 100%, it's not necessarily offensive and I'm not entirely sure this was even intended but yea. Speaking as someone from the Republic, don't do this. It's just not a line worth treading.

Dynamos and Islanders are both really really good and should stay. Feli's suggestion of New World/Nexus Scouts is really good and should get picked I think. Also a big fan of Smogcourt Royals (or something similar) and Smogon's Greatest Hitters but that might be an unpopular opinion. Maybe Greatest Hitters itself is better?

Silver Mountaineers is cool, you could also go with Silverback Mountaineers if you wanted the tie-in with Rillaboom here. You could also have the logo feature Syclant, which would double as both a Mt. Silver and CAP submission.

For Trainer School, I kinda like Academy Rulers or something along those lines, I agree that the tie in to younger groups would probably not be ideal. This one's a silly play on words but it could work, just not sure which Pokemon you'd use for it. Gym Class Heroes is funny, maybe with like a Mienshao or something, some sort of Fighting type but idk which. Alternatively you could go with like, Trainer School Strikers with a Cinderace as mascot?

Studio's a tough one. Arthouse Armchairs is funny but definitely a bit too silly for this kind of thing... maybe Arthouse Armada but eh, idk.

Something either Sports Arena or Battle Stadium themed with Gladiators as a theme might be neat. I could see like Bisharp or Escavalier fitting the bill decently albeit not perfectly. Battle Stadium Gladiators on its own is meh but someone smarter than me can come up with something I'm sure.

Showdown Shoguns is great please use that

Finally on the Indigo Plateau thing, I think both Highland Berserkers and Indigo Platoon are great but I don't think the link between Indigo Platoon and Indie Scooters is too noticeable or that big of a deal. Totally fine with either being picked though.

Smogoff Ice supremacy

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