Smogon Champions League - Week 9

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Fc 0-4 couldn't become reality but I'll take a win for the sheet, won vs The Strap gg bro

While my performance overall was definitely not what I was hoping for, I'm glad Garay oak and Hogg gave me a chance here to try and prove myself in an official, ty guys you were great managers. 1-2 isn't the worst thing ever, and the better part was the experience and fun the team gave. s/o's also to London Beats for playing like 100+ tests over the tour lol, you're goated, and the rest of the gible for being a great team. Sucks we couldn't go all the way but you're all incredible players regardless
Won vs YoBuddy, gg!

We aren't out but I just wanted to thank the Spartans for picking me this season. I took a break so I had a lot of catching up to do but I love try harding in these tournaments even if I rarely get to play. It's always fun supporting some amazing players like stax and all the other great players I've been able to test with. I think this was my favorite team I've been a part of, everyone has been friendly and just made this tournament fun from the beginning. Thank you guys for trusting me this last week! Go Spartans and everyone else we need to win!
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