Smogon Champions League - Week 9

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Banned deucer.

won vs The StRap, gg and s/o mncmt for giving me the team and Omfuga for preaching about scyther every single damn week, you're the goat even tho you're (mostly) gone.

gible this isn't the season you guys expected, but I hope each one of you had as much fun going through this as I did, you guys are awesome. thanks Hogg Garay oak for buying me and Luthier for being one of the greatest, ily.

finish them rodri


Banned deucer.
won vs clark gg

Sorry to my team for the awful record. Unfortunate we didn't make it but proud of us nonetheless. Many people helped me this season but want to give a big shoutout to avarice and BluBirD252. Always helped me with builds, with tests. Amazing people both of them, and I hope managers in future tours can see just how valuable they are. I have teamed with Blubird twice now and he is one of the greatest teammates I have ever had the pleasure of playing with, and I just want to express my thanks. avarice never had to help me but always did when I asked, and once again I say thank you. Also s/o to Sirwings for the help as well, came clutch for me when i asked for it. Good luck to all remaining teams.
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I want to say thank you to TonyFlygon and Star for picking me up in my first official team tournament, and putting faith in Z Strats and I to deliver in Doubles every single week. It was a lot of fun talking to people I've never met before, and even though we came up just short, it was a great experience and I'm really glad I finally got to me a part of one of these.

Z Strats - you have been the best Doubles player on the planet during this tournament. Getting to support you was definitely the best situation I could have asked for, and I'm very proud of what we accomplished this year. 7-2 is extremely impressive and you should be very happy with both your playing and prepping skills. I really believe we were the best Doubles core from start-to-finish and work extremely well together overall, and I really hope I get to team with you once again in the future. I've heard if you land in a subpar situation these tournaments can really drag on, but with you I really was enjoying myself every week. Sorry we don't get to see you in playoffs, but I know you'll get there someday.

Thanks to all our friends who tested and built with us, and especially Nido-Rus. No matter who wins SCL, a friend will get a trophy which is a pretty great feeling.
Since my season is over i'd like to take my turn to thank tko and ninjadog for drafting me, it was an incredible season and i appreciate you for trusting me throughout the season.

I'd also like to thank my teammates for putting up with me for 9 weeks and putting your all into achieving our goal.
The game isn't always rewarding so let's keep our chin up.
I personally didn't perform ingame how i wanted since both my losses looked like they were avoidable to a degree and i'm very pissed about that, so i'm sorry for those poor performances.
I wanna avoid personal shoutouts since i don't want anyone that wasn't mentioned feeling left out so i'll just say a big fucking massive thank you to the Showdown Shoguns for this journey, love yall.
Good luck to the remaining teams in the tournament!


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Wasnt the season we wanted obviously, but I still had a great time on the Foxes, and I fully believe that our same lineup would do well in future tours. Shame this one didnt go to plan. Thank you to everyone on the team, it's been a pleasure, and thanks to EviGaro and Kink for picking me up in particular.
fun season platoons, sucks we didn't make it but i enjoyed getting to know all of u as well as teaming w old friends like tama and tony, would love to team with any of u in the future.

ty god tony chan (and star) for drafting me & having full trust in the "unsurprisingly ranked last" pu player. i hadn't actually played an official tour since spl 11 and came off a pretty disappointing loss at that time, and i wouldn't have performed as well w/out support and encouragement from my managers and teammates. special thanks to meri, obii, tj, vulpix03, and neider for testing & input, was fun collaborating with u guys.

rooting for the daves


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I know we were out by week 3 however I do want to give a big shout out to my team. This was the nicest group of people I've ever had the pleasure of teaming with. Not once was their a negative word spoken, even when we were getting curb stomped week after week.
Thank you lily and feli for drafting my bum ass and Chloe for being the best partner one could ask for. I know that you'll do great things in future tours, so don't let your record ever get you down.
In the end we did accomplish our team goal we set when our season started (beat the Tony's), and I'm proud that we managed to keep the ship afloat long enough to kamikaze into the platoon. Woohoo!
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