Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Won by Ashwins72 and Royal1604


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Hello everyone. Chess has been popping off over the Coronavirus period and is getting even bigger now with Queen's Gambit being such a big deal. It's time to capitalize on that with the first Smogon Chess tournament in years- with prizes!

The tournament structure will heavily depend on the amount of signups we receive. I am planning to host two brackets- one casual and one experienced. If we don't get enough signups that may have to change we've got more than enough lol. You can choose which one you sign up for and I will not require any proof of experience. If you're brand new and want to compete in the experienced bracket you can sign up for that but I'll ask experienced players to not join the casual one. The prize will not be worth it. Each bracket will be run in a Swiss style, not elimination. Everyone will get to play every week and be matched up with opponents who have performed to a similar level.

Each round will be 1 week long, similar to your average Pokemon tournament. Matches will be bo1 with a 15-5 time control (15 minutes on your clock with a 5-second increment, you gain 5 seconds every time you move). Colors will be assigned for each round, you will be told to play either Black or White. Games will be played on It is free and no account is required. You can use the "PLAY WITH A FRIEND" button on the side to create a game link to send to your opponent.
New rules:
The advanced bracket will play a 5+3 time control with bo2s. Casual can stay at 15+5 bo1, I don't expect people brand new at Chess to adjust to such a fast format well and I'm a lot less concerned about the Mario chess set compared to the cash prize. I'm going to require everyone in both brackets to make a free account to play under but I won't ask for a FIDE/USCF account.

Replays/Game links will be required for all games for the result to be valid and I will be checking games for the use of a Chess engine to avoid cheating. To new players in the casual bracket, draws are a valid outcome, you do not replay if a draw happens and brackets will reflect your half-point earned. The length of the tour will depend on signups- I'm hoping for 6 weeks of play but it really depends. We got way too many people, it's gonna be 8 weeks

The plan is for each bracket to have a single prize go to the player with the top record (although a better one for the experienced bracket). If there is a tie, I'll have the top performers play off. I do not know what the prizes will be yet but when I do I will make a new post about it.
e: I am also very excited to announce the prizes! For the casual bracket, I will be mailing the winner my Super Mario Chess Set. Opened and used once or twice but in pretty much brand new condition. I believe this page is for the same product although it was definitely cheaper when I got it so there may be differences. For the experienced bracket, Hogg is generously offering either $50 or $25 + 1 year gold membership on

To sign up please post "in" and indicate whether you would prefer to play in the beginner or advanced bracket. Signups will last until Sunday, December 6th. Good luck to all competitors! And I am in for the experienced bracket.

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