Smogon Classic IV - Playoffs Tiebreaker

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Hey pals, even though only 2 out of 5 cups have reached their conclusion, nothing that can happen in them will alter the fact that there is a tiebreak for the 16th seed, as such we'll get a bit ahead of schedule here and allow these games to be played before playoffs start on Sunday.

I'd like to congratulate these 2 for making it so far, but only one of them will get a shot at the coveted white trophy. They will play a BO5 of the Classic metagames just like in the playoffs, with FlamingVictini getting to pick the first tier they play due to making it farther in any individual cup than McMeghan did.


Deadline: 3 day deadline as is the standard for tiebreaks (Monday, June 11th at midnight EST), but since this is ahead of schedule and unannounced, i'll be somewhat lenient. Don't make me regret that.
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really cool matchup to kick playoffs off, I think the moleman takes it in 5 games of what should be a good watch


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Roro 60-40 (BW DPP ADV) imo. Two great players here. The Belgian is my favorite because he has more competency and experience across these generations, but really interested to see what FV comes up with, especially in GSC.
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