Smogon Classic IV - Playoffs [Won by Lavos]

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I am quite new to competitive mons and this was the first trophy tournament I ever entered. I came back to this forum to see who won it after being reminded of it when I was looking at my page for grand slam things and realizing I brought fricking soulwind to game 3 last mon (i think, positive on the 3 games) in round 1 of rby. And when i realized that after months of play that this tournament isn't even over yet just blew my mind and gave me a new respect for top level players.
welll after spl if some1 expected me to reach top 4 of smogon classic i definitely woulda laughed it off. playing here came down to mindless tests w/ tiba and lasse for spl and having to pick up bw for wcop. i do find all these tiers really fun though, even rby which people hate. had a real blast throughout classic even with the awful 3-0 in semis but im proud that i beat both tricking and bro fist when people had me predicted 4-1 in a heavily one sided series, glad i could prove all those dudes wrong.

huge thanks to all the dudes who helped me pick out teams and test and my wcop team for all the support :D

congrats to lavos in finals, hope by the end of this month you walk out with 2 trophies my dude. let's get it west!!
I won 3-0 vs Lax, ggs man.

You came out of nowhere and shocked a lot of old gen veterans this year, don't let this series discourage you because your overall performance was far beyond what anyone would have guessed. I really enjoyed testing with you throughout this Classic and it's unfortunate that we had to face each other just a couple steps from the trophy. Can't wait to see what kind of splash you make in future tours, for now let's get this World Cup in the bag!

One more.


The greatest story of them all.
great finals, both obviously deserving winners but to see someone with 2 classics to their name would be insane so rooting for ojama to do it in a hard fought 5 game series
I won 3-0 vs Ojama, ggs. Every match came down to the wire, which doesn't surprise me. Thanks for being considerate with scheduling.

Feels absolutely surreal to have an individual trophy of my own, especially in the tournament I care the most about. Old gens are the reason I still play this game and I'm insanely passionate about most of them, so after all the work I put into refining my skills at these 5 unique formats. it's incredible to have that pay off with the best reward, from my perspective, that can be earned in this community. This has been my dream for a while. It hasn't even set in yet, I still feel like I'm half-awake or something. Can't even process how happy I am.

I don't want this to drag on, but I need to say thank you to a few people, they deserve it. First and foremost a thank you to dice who has been my best friend on this site for a long time, as well as the ultimate prep coach and testing partner. You probably built almost all of the teams I used throughout this tournament, especially in BW your input couldn't be more valuable, and I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help me succeed. I hope the next trophy is yours, bro. Next to undisputed who is always there when I need some advice in my least proficient gens, and has been a supporter throughout the tour, telling me I'm gonna be fine when my nerves are killing me. A while back we bonded over having massive anxiety issues before big games, and I can say my hands were shaking for this set, but we always push past that. A huge thanks to Heroic Troller who has helped my RBY immensely, probably my biggest improvement in a tier from last year to this, and I owe it all to him. You didn't have to help me out for hours on end and do a million tests with me, but you did and it was a key factor in this victory, thanks a ton and I'll see you in SPL. Shoutouts to BKC who helped me choose teams for the finals and led me away from cheese, and august and crayon pop for the DPP help, it's finally starting to make sense. McMeghan thanks as always for the votes of confidence, you were an original idol for me in this community, and having your blessing felt awesome, I even found the luck I needed! Shoutouts all my sausages in the BSP, it truly is the year. Shoutouts to my boys on West for tolerating my depressive rants and terrible attitude, we're all gonna make it. To my regens in fpoa, you wanted individual shoutouts, I'll trade them for a genuine copy of Knack HD. And to all the people I didn't mention by name, but who would PM me offering their help, or wish me luck, or say they're rooting for me - thank you, seriously. Once I made playoffs the amount of support was unbelievable, it absolutely kept me motivated and I didn't want to let you guys down.

Alright, that's more than enough from me. Remember to play with confidence, no one is untouchable.
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