Smogon Classic IV - Playoffs [Won by Lavos]

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i got beaten by lavos in 3, congrats. you deserved your victory for your impressive run and i got no shame to lose against such a brilliant and innovative player like you. nonetheless, i got some regrets that it ended in 3 because despite what you said in the game i feel like i outright deserved the adv game and thus deserved a g4, especially after forcing you into a speed tie to decide the game in your best tier.

i personally didn't think i could make it to another classic finals, given how tough my run seemed to be. it was even harder than i thought but i took a lot of pleasure in all my series, especially vs jimmy and alex. playing high quality games in playoffs of official tournaments is the main reason why im still playing this game. i at least hope you guys enjoyed my series as much as i did.

this will also put an end to my "career" in adv, at least for a while. i feel like ive played everything i could in this tier and i couldn't imagine all the success ive had in this tier when i first played it. too bad it ended with a loss but im extremely satisfied with the game i played today. ill probably play dpp or bw in spl, maybe sm but i dont really see myself play a full year in sm.

thanks to those who have been constantly supporting me for all these years, team france, scooters and sidewinders (but fuckingler12345). your support is a huge extra motivation that makes me enjoy this game a lot more than it already does. ill try to come back stronger for the future official tournaments that ill join. special mention to peasounay whose help was precious every round.

we still won the fifa world cup.
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congrats lavos! you've etched your name into smogon history. your gsc in particular has been absolutely astounding for a long time and you've shown you can do it all now, even with your nemesis of dpp. not bad for a po (BAN ME PLEASE)...

great work to ojama as well of course


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congrats Lavos, your old gens development has been awesome. Cool to see one of the younger old gen players develop into such a beast
congrats lavos, u deserved this. and against a strong playoffs gauntlet too. happy to see u get your long overdue winner's spoils

1 thing:

☆M Dragon: congratulations you defeated me in classic POs and lost everybodys respect at the same time for using this shit

strictly speaking this isn't true as i quite enjoyed the dpp game especially in the overall context of the series. raising the variance in the tiers where you are the underdog and lowering it where you're favored is just as much a part of smart play as figuring out the last or deciding what to sack or when to make the sick double. likewise, recognizing when your opponent might do this is equally important. people have been bringing matchup-magnifying teams to tournament games for as long as i can remember anyway
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Congrats on the win Lavos, you've been very impressive since last year's gsc cup and by this point you've shown your prowess in all of the classic tiers. You've earned this.

Props on making another finals appearance Ojama, you're always a joy to watch and this tournament was no different. I look forward to seeing you play other tiers in SPL.
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