Smogon Classic V Playoffs - Finals [Won by McMeghan]

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I think SoulWind deserves a round of applause for this incredible run and his consistent brilliant play throughout this tournament. While it might not be obvious, I'm sure hours upon hours of time were put into preparation into this tournament.

Even as just a spectator, the games were a pleasure to watch, and I hope we get to see more of SoulWind's brilliance in the future. I'm sure there are plenty like me that look up to him and are rooting for a trophy.

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Congrats McMeghan. As a player your trophies and earns speak for you but as a community member you're always helping and spending time with all kind of players, new comers and veterans. That says a lot of you and how you make this community and hobby more enjoyable.

SoulWind Seguramente no estarás contento con la forma en que ha acabado el torneo pero las menciones y usuarios que piden que ganes finalmente un trofeo son la mayor prueba que el reconocimiento y admiración no depende sólo de ganar el último combate. Algún día, eso sí, ganarás ese último combate.


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Won 3-1 vs SoulWind, ggs

I'm gonna use my 15 minutes of fame to share a few thoughts about a bit of everything.

First of all, I am very happy with this achievement. The hunger to win a tournament, and this one particular, kept growing as I went further and I am ecstatic to have taken it. I had thought how I would feel would I lose, and well, that's what happened to one of my long-time buddy here. Can't really say much to make you feel better SW, you know how much I respect you and I look forward your future incredible performances, with even more success hopefully.

Gonna send a shout-out to the French Discord and
. The people from those two groups are my closest Internet friends and I'm truely glad for all the moments and times we get to share. You make my presence in this community and my life better. I would also like to thank everyone who sent me messages of support throughout the tournament, it is greatly appreciated and makes me want to stick around even more.

Regarding individual shout-outs, well, I mostly did everything by myself since the start of the tournament lol... But I do wanna mention some people. Ojama pour toutes les fois où nous parlons Pokémon, ce qui me fait toujours mieux comprendre le jeu, surtout dans les old gens. En plus de ça j'ai utilisé quand même tes teams en ADV et BW par moment, donc tu mérites bien ça. Peasounay je n'aurai pas ma compréhension et mon affinement pour le RBY sans toi, c'est toujours un plaisir de discuter du tier avec toi. Heroic Troller for helping me prep the final RBY game even though it didn't come into play and GaryTheGengar for helping me prep the final DPP game too.

Like I said, I'm very glad to have won this tournament. Old generations have been my passion for a long time, and I always knew I was a complete player when it comes to playing them in a Bo5. I think I flew a bit under the radar of some people due to the success of some other powerhouses, and I'm satisfied I could take this Tournament and show everyone what I'm capable of.

To wrap this up, I'd like to mention that I'm also satisfied with the approach I took this whole tournament. Instead of trying to constantly prep and come up with new (stolen) teams, I mostly sticked to what I had experience with and it paid off big time. During the individual cups, I pretty much used the same teams for every series and they could all be found in my replays since I'd often test them on SmogTours. One of the best thing about Old gens is their stability and when a team is good and you're used to it, you can make it work in any game. I also re-used teams in PlayOffs or just slight variations and the results joined my ideals! Goes to show that you don't have to hoard teams, just train with good stuff and you may enjoy this game even more. I enjoy seeing the personnality in people's games and it truely shines when someones takes the time to build and train with their ideas.

That about sums it up, cya everyone around :)


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Congratulations McMeghan, been a big fan of yours since BW. Really enjoyed watching all your games this tour.

Also wanna say Soulwind is definitely one of the all time greats. In particular, watching him play BW is wild; I feel like I learn something new each game. Definitely the BW GOAT!
Congrats, McM, this is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud. I especially enjoyed your creative team picks in the finals.

That said, I'm super bummed SW came up short yet again. Breaks my heart each time. I hope you still keep at it bro. You'll get your individual trophy someday for sure.


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Congrats, big McMeghan! You the best and a real inspiration.

Smogon is life; it isn't just a Pokemon forum. It is where many people make their imaginary friends. Smogon and its Discord channels are some people's only means of experiencing a social life. Winning a trophy here is the equivalent of receiving an Oscar after years of putting in the work. It’s a daunting process that requires more sacrifices than people realize. I’ve turned down dates to play my games on time. I’ve even stopped in the middle of making love because it’s time to play Pokémon.

Tried however many times I’ve attempted, Pokémon is pure cocaine. Once you take a hit, it’s impossible to quit.
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