Smogon Classic VI Playoffs - FINALS [Won by SoulWind]


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Congratulations to all 16 of you that made it to this year's Smogon Classic playoffs! Before moving on to the pairings, I'd like to thank everyone who made this tournament possible. Thank you Finchinator, SparksBlade, kjdaas, Perry and FriendOfMrGolem120 for being fantastic hosts, as well as a huge thank you to Perry for maintaining the spreadsheet once more and to rozes for providing the artwork for these playoffs.

With that said, here is the list of people who qualified and their respective seed:

1. Mana - 38 Points
2. ABR - 35 Points
3. McMeghan - 29 Points
4. Tamahome - 27 Points
5. SoulWind - 26 Points
6. PDC - 24 Points (78.26% Win Ratio)
7. rozes - 24 Points (77.27% Win Ratio)
8. We Three Kings - 23 Points
9. TonyFlygon - 22 Points (77.27% Win Ratio)
10. ZoroDark - 22 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)
11. Tricking - 21 Points (77.27% Win Ratio)
12. ziloXX - 21 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)
13. Finchinator - 19 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)*
14. Excal - 19 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)
15. FMG - 18 Points**
16. dice - 18 Points**

* Finchinator is seeded higher than Excal due to having enjoyed a deeper Cup run; the BW Cup Semi Final.
** dice elected to face Mana as the 16th seed following the result of the Playoffs Tiebreaker, which means FMG will be the 15th seed.

All sets will be bo5 with the higher seed getting to choose the first tier to be played in a set, while the loser picks the next one.

Round 1

1. Mana vs. 16. dice

2. ABR vs. 15. FMG

3. McMeghan vs. 14. Excal

4. Tamahome vs. 13. Finchinator

5. SoulWind vs. 12. ziloXX

6. PDC vs. 11. Tricking

7. rozes vs. 10. ZoroDark

8. We Three Kings vs. 9. TonyFlygon

Round 2

1. Mana vs. 8. We Three Kings

2. ABR vs. 7. rozes

11. Tricking vs. 14. Excal

5. SoulWind vs. 13. Finchinator

Semi Final

1. Mana vs. 5. SoulWind

2. ABR vs. 11. Tricking

The Final

2. ABR vs. 5. SoulWind


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Alexander. vs. dice - This is a pretty even match-up: both players have shown overtime they excel at old generations so it could be either a toss up or a down to the wire series. Playing-wise, they will probably display that trademark aggressiveness of theirs and give us entretaining games to spectate. Alexander gets the shorter end of the stick due to the fact he seldom uses self-made teams and recycles, which dice can exploit with ease. Therefore, the edge goes to dice.

Alexander. vs. FMG - I think FMG is very good and consistent. My picking Alexander over him probably stems from mere ignorance as I haven't followed his run. I will have to employ the 'veteran' cliché for this one given Alex has always been a well-versed player in old gens for years, whereas FMG I label as a newer generations player.

dice vs. FMG - This prediction will be pretty similar, except there is the team-building factor involved here. Dice has some galactic brain designed to come up with the most astounding of sets, especially in old gens where he dives more often than in newer generations. Expanding on FMG, I know for a fact he is very capable of pulling the trigger when circumstances are dire, so expect a good one here.

1. Mana vs. 16. dice (i kno ur a poosay and would flee from abr) - I feel foul for predicting dice to win three games :pikuh: Mana has taken the tour scene by surprise and I'm not saying that he wasn't deemed a good player prior to these play-offs. He has shown quite a few times he has what it takes to get good results, but never had I expected him to dominate Classic and take the first spot. However, in terms of experience and knowledge, dice is still superior, further proven by the fact he had been a finalist in this tournament and often dominated in cups, namely BW and GSC.

2. ABR vs. 15. Alexander - Damn. I honestly wish this match-up occurs because it is very iconic to me: OLT 2 finals rematch. At this point I don't think it is premature to consider ABR the best player on the site, which will lead me to predict him to win the majority of his games. ABR is coming off a two-in-a-row Smogon Tour win, so his momentum and confidence levels must be off the charts right now. However, I don't think there's some huge skill gap between the two and Alexander is quite capable of taking him down if this match were to happen.

3. McMeghan vs. 14. Excal - I am pretty much in the dark regarding Excal. I believe he did solid in SPL in DPP and belongs to the council of said tier. McMeghan is an all-time veteran and I love watching him play. There are always some twists here and there during his games and I believe players have a hard time because they are always caught off guard by some tech. I can't wait to see what he cooks in BW.

4. Tamahome vs. 13. Finchinator - These two guys are at a level of consistency I could ever dream of. They wield mostly standard yet very solid teams and, given the amount of madness we might get off these play-offs, it can be refreshing as a spectator to watch these series. Finchinator is an all-out tryhard that will try to sniff out every exploit in order to achieve victory, which is why he gets a small edge over tama.

5. SoulWind vs. 12. ziloXX - This quite took me by surprise. Out of all people to make play-offs, I never would've expected LOP ZiloXX to be one of them. He sort of came out of the grave and dominated GSC cup. This match-up, in hindsight, feels very one-sided, but one can never know. SoulWind qualifies in tournament play-offs as naturally as breathing, which makes him a powerful force in the scene. I'm giving him a clear edge, but please, ziloXXX, do surprise me.

6. PDC vs. 11. Tricking - I finally get to witness old YouTube superstar PDC in the spotlight again. Tricking, at this stage, has cemented himself as a jack of all trades player who can put on a show wherever he is placed. He might not have Will of Fire's assistance for this one, but he is definitely a threat and I wouldn't be surprised to see him make it to the finals. I haven't followed PDC's run, so this prediction comes with some degree of uncertainty as to how he fares nowadays, but I've always believed he's very solid. Tricking is very hard to prepare against and he isn't scared of wielding the wildest of teams, so I'm giving him the edge.

7. rozes vs. 10. ZoroDark - I haven't seen these two play in such a long time so I'm not really sure of how to word this one. ZoroDark had been very consistent in the past, whereas rozes had some good results here and there. I'm giving the edge to ZoroDank because I think he's a bit superior playing-wise.

8. We Three Kings vs. 9. TonyFlygon - @Lasse. Tony is a player that surprised me quite a bit when he first started showing results. His previous tournament match prior to that was some stall match vs PDC and that was it. At first I didn't think he had a knack for playing tours, but hell was I wrong. On the other hand, I haven't seen much of Lasse in recent times, although I know he is very skilled (bad ._.); however, Tony's more aggresive play-style seems like the kind of match-up Lasse wouldn't want to face, which is why I think he has the advantage. I expect this match to occur on Monday, since the evil European lineage seems to brandish the worst johning tendencies I've seen on this website.
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3. McMeghan vs. 14. Excal

i've only ever seen Excal DPP and lightly GSC, and never hear his name in circles for the other 3 gens. he's made it this far though so it could easily mean he's a silent beast in these other gens? we shall see.

McM on the other hand is above-average/masterclass in 5/5 of the gens. by simple deduction reasoning i favor him in this matchup, but i'd be delighted to see a neck and neck fight to the finish.

4. Tamahome vs. 13. Finchinator

does Finch even RBY/GSC/ADV? :bloblul:. Never seen it but the man understands the nuances of mons so he should be able to find solid footing in these bats. RBY, assuming he understands little corner cases/team choice tactics, should be fairly square, and could easily go in his favor. in GSC he will most certainly opt for offense, more specifically one with a boom core or Jynx-oriented. in ADV... i'll go out on a limb and say he'll go for a safe archetype similar to his BW teams and opt for something like MagDolCune/Big 5 + breaker, or a spikeless McM type team. DPP... im not too sure, tbh. BW speaks for itself.

All that is dandy and well, if he weren't going up against mans like DracoMalfoy -- fucking machine when he is on his game; and he most certainly seems to be judging from his recent display in big tour games. in GSC + BW mans is very well capable. if it gets to the BW game and he takes it, he will win the series, as he will likely clean house in ADV + DPP with some well-oiled Metagame Changers.

5. SoulWind vs. 12. ziloXX

easy bold using simple deduction reasoning ™ yet again.

on one hand there is zilo, who ive only heard about as of late via his steadfast and relentless gsc cup run. fairly unknown to me in the other gens.

and on the other hand, we have the Spanish Pokemon Master in SoulWind, who you probably wouldve pegged for an ABSOLUTE MACHINE if not for those random bursts of emotion shown when on the end of some rly scathing pkmn misfortune.
But yeah, SoulWind takes this one comfortably I believe?

6. PDC vs. 11. Tricking - tough pick. I would nudge one over the other in 4 gens out of 5, with a toss up in the last.

one's style is akin to the wild waters off the Hawaiian coast with unpredictable crashing waves every now and again.

the other's a bit more granular in his strides; inch-by-inch moves towards the moving target without ever losing sight of it.

which brand of mons would you pick in a war as such? should be a cool set

7. rozes vs. 10. ZoroDark - if this was fresh-on-the-scene ZoroDark I would've bolded the man. Back then he was a ruthless sniper, willing to reform the boundaries set by Metagaming to his liking. Nowadays he seems to be more of a tamed trainer so to speak, opting for the cozy and familiar more than anything. And that's cool. But he against a wild man, and I mean this in every way, named rozes. rozes the type that will throw anything at your face, with the slyest smirk behind it all. idk to what extent he builds/modifies and shit, but he pilots all the crazy I've seen him use with relative comfort. ZoroDark on paper is the "perfect fish food" opponent for rozes, so this will be an entertaining show under ideal conditions.

8. We Three Kings vs. 9. TonyFlygon - in MY head, these are 2 mons is mons dudes who are very good at almost any gen-tier they play, with no particular one standing out for its mastery. I also don't know if both build, but if I were to guess based on community knowledge/intuition id say no (though I know they have the knowhows to do so). So this set will purely come down to whom outmons WHOMSTDVE, and/or who brings the crazier techs catching the other mans slipping. a catatonic's dream
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1. Mana vs. 16. (To be determined)

I would take either dice or Alex over mana. Mainly because the tiers mana did best in this run the other two are seemingly much more experienced in. Fmg on the other hand would be a very interesting set considering he would most likely have beaten both dice and Alex in what I at least consider upsets. I wouldn't even know who to bold there.

2. ABR vs. 15. (To be determined)

ABR would be favourite vs all deservedly but in saying that dice matches up the best and I would put money on dice in that match up. Alex vs abr i am thinking 5 games, very close.

3. McMeghan vs. 14. Excal

Think excal deserves to be favourite in dpp but he will have to play his best to win it. Roro takes rest. Hope they play bw

4. Tamahome vs. 13. Finchinator

Think tamahome is just too good. Heavy favourite in adv, dpp and sizeable fav in RBY and gsc. Finch to take bw.

5. SoulWind vs. 12. ziloXX

Cant see Soulwind dropping a game,would love to be proven wrong but too much experience and past results make it hard to predict otherwise.

6. PDC vs. 11. Tricking

I don't really know tbh. Obviously PDC has past results but don't know how much attention he is giving these playoffs. While tricking has the better form but I'm unaware of his competency in old Gens, he obviously can play them but to what level. Very exciting.

7. rozes vs. 10. ZoroDark

From what I've seen rozes has been playing well of late enough that I think he will win. I know ZoroDark is confident in dpp and bw but I'm not sure of his older gens. Should be close.

8. We Three Kings vs. 9. TonyFlygon

Really could go either way but I favour w3k. Think Tony will win gsc, w3k the rest. On the other hand I could be completely wrong and I wouldn't be surprised.

Exciting lineup, looking very forward to watching these sets. Good luck all.
Alexander. (49) vs. dice (51) — Both have already made Classic Playoffs before and I think this easily could go either way. I’d give a slight edge to dice because of his ability to build unorthodox stuff.

Overall, I expect dice to go 2-0 in the tiebreak and pick 16th seed, as Alexander will go 1-1 and take the 15th seed.

1. Mana (45) vs. 16. dice (55) — Great to see Mana having such an insane Classic with how dedicated he has been to it… Na really I think dice is just a more complete player for this and he’s definitely more experienced too as he already made up to finals in Classic 2.

2. ABR (55) vs. 15. Alexander. (45) — ABR is very talented both in builder and in battle, and I’m pretty convinced he’s willing to conquer oldgens too. He has already showed how strong he could be in past gens by defeating both BKC and Ojama in Classic 5 Playoffs and he reached the 3rd place in Callous Invitational 3. Alexander. is still really capable of defeating ABR thanks to his long experience in oldgens. My only hope is that ABR does not bring boring ass teams tbh.

3. McMeghan (65) vs. 14. Excal (35) — McMeghan has nothing to lose here and can be very creative when it needs to, I’m sure he’s not willing to give his title away that easily. I definitely favour him because of his (more than) decade long experience and I’m excited to see what he brings this time around.

4. Tamahome (60) vs. 13. Finchinator (40) — Well we might have THE highlight of the round here. Both have been insanely consistent in the past few years and I guess it could go either way because Tryhardinator can always find the means to win somewhere we wouldn’t expect him to. With that being said… I’ll always favour Tama here because of his knowledge and his tremendous consistency overall, and besides, he’s probably more experienced in building, especially in ADV/DPP where he stands as the master.

5. SoulWind (70) vs. 12. ziloXX (30) — SoulWind is just a monster, whatever tier he plays. He came really close to that white ring last year and I’m sure he’s still determined to finally win what would be an insanely deserved trophy after such consistency and dominance.

6. PDC (45) vs. 11. Tricking (55) — I think both can be threats in this tournament if they care enough about it. Tough call but I’ll go with Tricking, looking forward what they both bring. It should definitely be a cool series to watch.

7. rozes (45) vs. 10. ZoroDark (55) — I don’t really know about this one but I’m glad ZoroDark made it to playoffs this year as it should give him some confidence in the future.

8. We Three Kings (59) vs. 9. TonyFlygon (41) — I’m giving an edge to Lasse here as I feel he’s a bit more complete as a player than Tony but I wouldn’t be surprised if it went in the other way. Cool matchup indeed.

Cheering goats Tamahome and SoulWind to take a tremendously deserved white ring.

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