Smogon Classic VI Playoffs - FINALS [Won by SoulWind]

Alexander. (49) vs. dice (51) — Both have already made Classic Playoffs before and I think this easily could go either way. I’d give a slight edge to dice because of his ability to build unorthodox stuff.

Overall, I expect dice to go 2-0 in the tiebreak and pick 16th seed, as Alexander will go 1-1 and take the 15th seed.

1. Mana (45) vs. 16. dice (55) — Great to see Mana having such an insane Classic with how dedicated he has been to it… Na really I think dice is just a more complete player for this and he’s definitely more experienced too as he already made up to finals in Classic 2.

2. ABR (55) vs. 15. Alexander. (45) — ABR is very talented both in builder and in battle, and I’m pretty convinced he’s willing to conquer oldgens too. He has already showed how strong he could be in past gens by defeating both BKC and Ojama in Classic 5 Playoffs and he reached the 3rd place in Callous Invitational 3. Alexander. is still really capable of defeating ABR thanks to his long experience in oldgens. My only hope is that ABR does not bring boring ass teams tbh.

3. McMeghan (65) vs. 14. Excal (35) — McMeghan has nothing to lose here and can be very creative when it needs to, I’m sure he’s not willing to give his title away that easily. I definitely favour him because of his (more than) decade long experience and I’m excited to see what he brings this time around.

4. Tamahome (60) vs. 13. Finchinator (40) — Well we might have THE highlight of the round here. Both have been insanely consistent in the past few years and I guess it could go either way because Tryhardinator can always find the means to win somewhere we wouldn’t expect him to. With that being said… I’ll always favour Tama here because of his knowledge and his tremendous consistency overall, and besides, he’s probably more experienced in building, especially in ADV/DPP where he stands as the master.

5. SoulWind (70) vs. 12. ziloXX (30) — SoulWind is just a monster, whatever tier he plays. He came really close to that white ring last year and I’m sure he’s still determined to finally win what would be an insanely deserved trophy after such consistency and dominance.

6. PDC (45) vs. 11. Tricking (55) — I think both can be threats in this tournament if they care enough about it. Tough call but I’ll go with Tricking, looking forward what they both bring. It should definitely be a cool series to watch.

7. rozes (45) vs. 10. ZoroDark (55) — I don’t really know about this one but I’m glad ZoroDark made it to playoffs this year as it should give him some confidence in the future.

8. We Three Kings (59) vs. 9. TonyFlygon (41) — I’m giving an edge to Lasse here as I feel he’s a bit more complete as a player than Tony but I wouldn’t be surprised if it went in the other way. Cool matchup indeed.

Cheering goats Tamahome and SoulWind to take a tremendously deserved white ring.


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Alexander. vs. dice
Alexander. vs FMG
dice vs. FMG

Mana vs. dice - Mana has just played too well this tournament to go out first round, even to a player as good as dice is

ABR vs Alexander. - ABR might just be the goat and he's coming off the stour win. he's just a tough guy to bet against

McMeghan vs. Excal - like ABR, he might just be the best to play the game and a tough out

Tamahome vs. Finchinator - FINCHCLASSICVI. man just grinds, but this one could go either way and come down to the wire in g5

SoulWind vs. ziloXX - idrk anything about ziloXX, but i do know that SoulWind is an amazing player and i believe has won 3 cups in 3 different metas

PDC vs. Tricking - honestly both really good players, just picking Tricking because i can't stop reading PDC as pyridinium dichromate

rozes vs. ZoroDark - dunno really just kinda going with my gut

We Three Kings vs. TonyFlygon - w3k i feel is just a more rounded oldgens player
1. Mana vs. 16. (To be determined)

Mana has dominantly grabbed the 1st seed in a way few people expected, including himself probably. With a solid DPP run, finals in ADV and highlighted by winning the BW Cup, he should be the favourite against whoever emerges from the tiebreak. The question becomes, will he continue the grind and take preperation seriously, or will he fall like many a first seed before him after the long tournament season finally takes its toll? Meanwhile (to be determined)'s run has gone relatively unnoticed, but with good showings in (old gen) cup and (older gen) cup he's proven he can compete in these playoffs and give Mana a tough series.

2. ABR vs. 15. (To be determined)

ABR is the obvious favourite to win his series and potentially also the tournament, being both creative in staying ahead of the metagame and very effective at executing whatever gameplan he has come up with. That's not to say this is a foregone conclusion though, as looking at the tiebreaker especially Dice and Alexander are very proficient in all 5 gens. There won't be any easy victories here as far as those go in playoffs, and I'm expecting this to be decided in a game 5.

3. McMeghan (BW, ADV, GSC) vs. 14. Excal (DPP)

This matchup is a typical veteran versus young blood situation. McMeghan is a terrifying opponent for anyone in this format, and his teambuilding choices are sure to keep the spectators at the edge of their seats. Excal is mostly known for being a DPP specialist, but he has clearly been polishing his skillset in the other old gens recently. That being said, I fear last year's winner will be too tough a nut to crack.

4. Tamahome (DPP, ADV, GSC) vs. 13. Finchinator (BW)

Tama is one of those players who always seems to fall short in an individual tournament, despite being among the best smogon has to offer in multiple tiers for many years. Finchinator really knows BW like the back of his hand and was very close to winning the cup, so he's the clear favourite there. But unfortunately for Finch, this is a bo5 and there are four other tiers to be played. I definitely think he's capable of one upset, but doing it twice will be very tough.

5. SoulWind (BW, DPP, ADV) vs. 12. ziloXX (GSC)

This is probably the most one-sided matchup in round 1. Soulwind is by some metrics the most consistent player on this site, having won more tournaments than anyone else. ZiloXX is relatively new and unproven, but he's obviously skilled at GSC which also happens to be Soulwind's main weakness in this format. I've been told ZiloXX knows his DPP as well, so this could get a lot more interesting than it seems at first glance.

6. PDC (DPP, ADV) vs. 11. Tricking (BW, GSC, RBY)

This matchup is a very hard one for me to predict. I feel like it could end in a 3-0 for either player or anything in between. Both have been around for a while and should have plenty of teambuilding support from various goons. The only thing that's for certain here is that these two will duel in both pokemon and the battle chat regardless of the outcome.

7. rozes (RBY, ADV) vs. 10. ZoroDark (BW DPP GSC)

Rozes' run has gone a bit under the radar for someone having the higher seed, doing quite well in multiple tiers and yet not making semifinals in any of them. Meanwhile Zorodark got here the other way around: he excelled at both DPP and GSC, while crashing out of everything else in the very early rounds. I predict Zorodark takes this in a close series because he has a higher peak performance level, and in a bo5 you can afford the occasional lapse in judgement that otherwise holds him back.

8. We Three Kings (BW, ADV, RBY) vs. 9. TonyFlygon (DPP, GSC)

This is the highlight of the round to me, as I think these two are very evenly matched. We Three Kings is a player who brings pokemon down to an exact science, where there is an objectively correct move every turn, while Tony can be a lot more daring in playing the man rather than the position.
They also know each other rather well, so expect a lot of mindgames to happen in the teambuilder stage.

Hope one of my team europe friends takes the trophy home, I'm rooting for all four of you!


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Alexander vs FMG
Dice vs FMG
Dice vs Alexander: This one is close and should be a really good set, but Alexander, in general, is on a roll right now and I favor him by a little bit to take this one. Can see Dice winning here though.

1. Mana vs. 16. FMG: Mana has been insane this classic, reaching first seed among the strong competition and going far in ADV and BW Cup and even winning the latter. I predict him to win if FMG is his opponent since I find Mana a more solid player in general. Not going to discount FMG entirely, though, he's still good in general.

1. Mana vs. 16. Alexander: I favor Alexander by a bit personally if we get this matchup because of his consistency in this tour and in old gens in general over the past few years in multiple tours (especially in RBY, ADV, and DPP). However, I think Mana is skilled enough to bring it to 4 or 5 games.

1. Mana vs. 16. Dice: Dice has a lot of experience in these gens, especially BW and ADV, he's also made finals of Classic before. On top of this, Dice is also very creative in the builder and I can see him bringing a crazy tech Mana won't see coming. As such, I favor him by a bit just on the basis of his experience. Mana can make this one close for sure though.

2. ABR vs. 15. FMG: ABR has been on an insane hot streak for a good while, even winning 2 STours back to back and placing in high seeds for 2 classics in a row now, even making deep runs in RBY and DPP cups this year. Based on this and his performances even before now, I expect him to take this one pretty comfortably.

2. ABR (GSC, BW) vs. 15. Alexander (ADV, DPP) (I think are pretty equal in RBY tbh): Both of these guys are super good and this matchup would be really hype. ABR is the more solid player overall and can put up a tough fight in any gen. However, Alexander has more old gens experience on the big stage on his belt, especially in Classic. This should be close for sure.

2. ABR vs. 15. Dice: I'm favoring ABR by a hair here. While dice has the experience and teambuilder advantage and absolutely has the capability to win if this is the set we get, ABR is on a roll right now and I feel like he's gonna take it in 4 or 5 as a result.

3. McMeghan (RBY, GSC, ADV, BW) vs. 14. Excal (DPP): Roro is tried and true and has proven his dominance throughout the years in these gens. Excal had a pretty good SPL in DPP and his GSC isn't too shabby, but that's not enough to make me bold him here tbh.

4. Tamahome (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP) vs. 13. Finchinator (BW): While Finch is obviously a very skilled player and good at prepping, Tama is a veteran in these tiers and has a lot more experience in most of them (mainly ADV and DPP), especially on the big stage. However, Finch pulling an upset here isn't completely unlikely since he's still a great player overall and has a knack for coming up with good ideas for his opponents when prepping. This will likely be a pretty close set.

5. SoulWind (RBY, ADV, DPP, BW) vs. 12. ziloXX (GSC): I haven't heard of zilo before now tbh. SoulWind is SoulWind and has been making playoffs for a long time and has even made the finals of this tour last year against very tough competition. Also, his BW is on another level and his RBY is fantastic as well. I don't see him faltering here.

6. PDC (RBY, ADV, DPP) vs. 11. Tricking (GSC, BW): This is a wild take, but people are underestimating PDC here I think. It isn't entirely unfounded since he hasn't played really seriously in a bit and Tricking has been doing really fucking good for a while now, even winning OLT. However, PDC is still a very skilled player and can go far if he puts his mind to it and has more experience in this gens. This will likely be a tight series and I can see it going either way.

7. rozes (RBY) vs. 10. ZoroDark (GSC, DPP, BW) (idk much about how good either are in ADV tbh): Zoro is the more solid player overall and will probably take this in a relatively close one if he's focused. Rozes can still win here though. This is honestly pretty even overall.

8.) We Three Kings (RBY, BW) vs. 9. TonyFlygon (ADV, DPP, GSC): Favoring Tony by a hair here, this can really go either way since they're pretty equal in skill level overall and should bring some cool stuff.

Congrats to everyone who's made it this far and good luck! I hope to see some great games. Rooting for my friends.:blobwizard:
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This is a fantastic and very competitive top 16, with many strong players (unfortunately BKC is missing).

It is a pleasure to see Woatli and Prinz making it, and I hope one of them will win the tournament.
Both represent the elite of italian battling in the old generations if you consider their consistency and results.
They are two very versatile players, and they can beat anyone if they try. I'd love to see a finals between them.

On the other hand I would 't be surprised to see ABR win his 4th individual trophy, he is a phenomenal player and probably the best in history that is able to win in any tier.

As a Prinz fan I hope to see him win this tour, unless he suffers from love depression syndrome... #PRINZAMOS

1. Mana vs. 16. dice - If picking Mana wasn't the blatantly correct choice before, it definitely was after the BW Cup finals. He somehow got 1st seed despite losing his best tier round 1 too, not sure what that says about the rest of us. dice looked sharp in the tiebreak and is one of my favorites to win the tour, but he has off days too. Think he lost GSC Cup into almost losing BW Cup on the same day to someone using teams from the Sogeking thread from 2014. He was probably stoned. If he doesn't show up high, he effortlessly wins in three, as I have completely lost faith in Mana after the BW series.

2. ABR vs. 15. FMG - ABR is solid in all five, haven't seen much from FMG. Alexander or dice could've given ABR a fight to the finish, don't think FMG will. ABR to win in three, don't see much upset potential here.

3. McMeghan vs. 14. Excal - It's public knowledge that Excal is really good at DPP, but less so that he's strong in other tiers too. I experienced that myself in ADV Cup. However, we saw some slip-ups in SPL, and he got outplayed hard by Tony in their GSC series. McMeghan is my goat, and still looks (somewhat) hungry for success. You know he brought his A-game when he rolls up in BW with some ScarfToed Rain Offense relic that looks like it's from 2013, so look out for that. He can't afford to underestimate his opponent though, this game is closer than it looks. McMeghan to win in four, Excal takes DPP if it's played.

4. Tamahome vs. 13. Finchinator - Tama put on a show in ADV Cup after a subpar showing in ADV in SPL for his standards. Top dog in both ADV and DPP, not bad at the rest either. Finch is excellent in BW, but quite clearly falls short in the other tiers here. Finch takes BW, but Tama the rest.

5. SoulWind vs. 12. ziloXX - The trademark surprise contender for this iteration of Classic. Don't know anything about ziloXX at all besides his two deep runs. Even if he made finals of GSC, SoulWind's weakest tier in my opinion, I don't think he stands a chance here. I really thought SoulWind was out after getting a total of 1 point from both RBY and BW Cup, but he turned up in the others and qualified handily. Bold prediction: SoulWind wins more games than ziloXX kills Pokemon.

6. PDC vs. 11. Tricking - The hardest series to pick, mostly because I'm unsure where both players stand. PDC seemed to tilt after losing ADV Cup, although at that point he was comfortably in. Tricking is just good and consistent even in these gens, but I question his team choices sometimes. If PDC is smart with his teams, and maintains focus throughout the series, he could very well take it, but I think I have Tricking winning in five based on what I've seen and heard (BW/GSC/RBY vs DPP/ADV).

7. rozes vs. 10. ZoroDark - Excited to see which mechanic ZoroDark forgets this time, especially since it could happen in all five gens. Similarly to PDC, rozes qualified early, so I haven't seen much of his run. ZoroDark, somehow, qualified really late after a terrible start. In terms of advantages, rozes has a lot of RBY experience, so he's favored there. Zoro is a well-balanced player, and has shown promise in gens 3-5 in the past, however that is some time ago I feel. rozes to take RBY and BW, ZoroDark to take GSC and DPP. The ADV game could be really close, but there's decent odds that undisputed will be the one playing, so I'll favor him there.

8. We Three Kings vs. 9. TonyFlygon - You'd really want to beat me, because you better believe I'll be shouting out Charmflash if i win.

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