Smogon Classic VI Playoffs - FINALS [Won by SoulWind]


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Lost in 5, ggs and wp

Thanks to Souf, Leo, and TPP for the help with prep and various others for their support with tests/details. Gotta refine my RBY and GSC before making another run next year, but it was a fun run regardless. SW, you're deserving and I am sure you will get your individual here/v soon. Rooting for my brother ABR, but everyone left is solid.


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ggs wp, gl for the next rounds

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me throughout the tournament. I learned a lot and well exceeded any expectations I could have had going into this, and that would not have been possible without others encouraging me as well as helping out with building/testing. It was a lot of fun! Happy to see anyone remaining take it, you're all deserving winners.

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