Smogon Classic VI Playoffs - FINALS [Won by SoulWind]

ABR is probably the best player on the site at the moment, but I believe in Soulwind if you check out the smogon history this man deserves, but he needs to prove it against ABR

If I'm not wrong
Sowilnd lost 3 official tournament finals.

Now he has one of the best chances.
Who is winning a tournament against one of the best players on the site

And thus consecrates one of the best pokemon players of the site

Soulwind, you tricked me and fucked my game in the adv cup, but no problem.
I didn't keep hurt
I'm rooting for you, let's do it bro


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Both are amazing across the generations and capable of taking each tier.

In RBY, I favor SoulWind 55/45. I consider him to quietly one of the best RBY players on Smogon. His results in RBY cup in recent years are second-to-none. ABR understands the tier at a very high level though, so it should be close.

In GSC, i favor ABR 70/30. He has an amazing grasp on the tier and I feel like it is SoulWind's weakest metagame. ABR should be able to get a leg up in the teambuilder and he is more experienced making critical decisions in this format in the game.

In ADV, I favor ABR 60/40. He has a good grasp on ADV (impressive showings in tours like Callous Cup showing this) as well and I think he genuinely gets how to build in this generation. SoulWind's ADV is solid, but I view it as inferior to his 1/4/5. I think this one can be close, but gotta give ABR the edge.

In DPP, I favor SoulWind 65/35. With his DPP cup win and overall dominance in this generation recently, I think SoulWind has crept into the top DPP player conversation. His strength here has to be how he pilots teams. He seldom misplays and often has a great knowledge of what to expect. It comes to him very naturally and this has especially been the case recently.

In BW, I favor SoulWind 60/40. He has more experience than anyone and he has won more than everyone here. SoulWind'sBW dominance is impressive. ABR is no slouch in BW and has won this match-up before, but it is still going to be uphill I believe.

I favor SW in 3/5 tiers, but if you do the math it equates to a virtual 50/50 due to the weights of favoritism. Both of these guys are great and deserving winners, good luck
I think ABR is a big favorite in ADV. He has shown consistent results against the best ADV players in Callous Cup, he has a crisp understanding of the metagame, and he is able to navigate long drawn-out stall mirrors as well as anyone i've seen, to top this off he's not afraid to bring unconventional team choices like Smeargle lead or Sand Veil to throw his opponents off their comfort zone.
ADV (ABR 70/30 Soulwind)
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YAHALLO and welcome back to the UNBIASED PREDICTIONS

Yeah,'s been fucking ages LOL but we have returned. As a former SMOGON CLASSIC WINNER, I know what it takes to win this tournament. You basically just need enough luck to win the variance tiers and the occasional innovative team to help you cheese your way to another win. In one corner, we have ABR, quite possibly the luckiest and best player in the history of Smogon. In the other, we have SoulWind, another one of the best players ever, who has unfortunately never managed to take home that coveted trophy. Anything could happen in this all-Jerk showdown. Will ABR cement his status as the best player of all time, or will SoulWind finally get the monkey off his back and vault himself a bit higher in the "best of all time" conversation? Let's find out.

RBY: ABR vs. SoulWind | SW is apparently some RBY demigod or something. We all know about his RBY Cup success and all the other shit he has done. He's more proven than ABR, but does that really matter? IT'S RBY LOL I got complimented for being a good RBYer because I hit Sing through paralysis against Tesung in Classic Finals like come on. ABR hardly ever makes mistakes and in a tier where you get infinite attempts at spamming Ice Beam, he can surely take this game. I just can't bold against the luckier player with winner's aura in what is basically a tossup in the variance meme tier.

GSC: ABR vs. SoulWind | I will be absolutely STUNNED if ABR lost this one. He's absurdly good at GSC and was a key part of the Golem renaissance. He even uses some creative sets like his RestTalk Toxic Ttar two rounds ago, and is confident enough in his abilities that he'll take accuracy over power with his electric moves. I honestly still don't really know how ABR beat Tricking with all of the luck the latter got against him last round. SW is obviously an amazing player, but ABR's too good here. Solid edge.

ADV: ABR vs. SoulWind | This should be a good one. I really hope we see some Sand Veil shenanigans, tbh. ABR's definitely a better builder, but SoulWind has definitely has a lot more experience in this tier. I obviously don't know too much about this tier, but from what I have seen, ABR is a bit better. Small edge.

DPP: ABR vs. SoulWind | Anyone who thinks this isn't basically a tossup is INSANE This tier probably requires the least amount of skill to actually play than anything else here. This is definitely more of a builder's tier, and I'd have to believe ABR has a higher chance of having matchup. SW's clearly good at this tier, though. He did beat ABR in DPP Cup in some pretty absurd games en route to capturing the Cup victory, and he made some very impressive plays in his last series to take down his opponent in a must-win game. Both players have embraced the cheese mentality, with ABR spamming BP and almost singlehandedly forcing its banning and SW spamming a paraspam Rachi + Machamp + Togekiss squad. The variance madhouse should provide some great entertainment like always in this one. I'll trust ABR's Jirachi to be a bit luckier and carry him to the win.

BW: ABR vs. SoulWind: SW's probably the best BWer on the site (depending on how you feel about Roro). I don't really think we need to go into it. He plays wuth supreme confidence and won't hesitate to leave in his weakened Jellicent against a Specs Hydreigon in order to punish the double switch. ABR could definitely take this, especially since matchup is important in this tier. SW has less of an edge here than ABR has in GSC imo, but it would still surprise me if ABR came out on top here.

Final: ABR (4) vs. SoulWind (1)

This series is obviously a lot closer than 4-1 LOL 2 of the games are basically tossups, and ADV's definitely absurdly close as well. Anything is possible here. You'd think that SoulWind would win one of these someone this good HAS to win at some point. He definitely could take this one home. But.......ABR's just way too good right now. This man's about to get his 4th fucking trophy LMAO That's so insane. If he wins this, I think you definitely have to say he's the best player ever; there can't even be any arguments at that point. Hell, he probably already is. SoulWind's curse has to end at some point, but going up against a proven winner who has managed to bring home trophies so consistently is not the ideal situation for the Spaniard. I think ABR will win this off the back of a classic ABR moment.
I've had a deep look at the RBY games in playoffs from both of these players. I'll be uploading a live recording of the RBY game tomorrow (if there is one) on my YouTube, where you can also find my reviews of the other playoff games by our finalists.

SoulWind has been really good, but not flawless. He still has objective misplays in his games - I counted one important objectively bad decision in each of his playoff games, smaller imprecisions are not too infrequent either, and his team choices are perplexing at times. He is very good, but if I'm approaching this from a perspective of how far away from perfection he is, well he still has some ways to go.
ABR, to me, has looked cleaner. His game against FMG was an absolute masterclass in terms of quality of play - luck muddied the outcome by going against him early on and then coming back to his side in the later stages, but if we look at decision making alone then ABR's was extremely impressive. His games against rozes and Tricking were similarly excellent and honestly, after reviewing his games many times over, I can count the turns I disagree with on one hand. His team choices have also been original and brilliant - perhaps overly risky, and this backfired for him against rozes, but never unnecessarily so (imagine how that game goes if he's the one winning the Jynx tie).

Ultimately it will be a single game in which factors such as match up and luck will decide a lot, but for my money ABR has been significantly more accurate in always picking paths that give him the best odds of victory, so I will put his win chances at around 65%. He's been consistently near flawless in a way that I can only describe as Troller-esque, and while SW is also very accurate for most of his turns he does have more of a tendency to pick less optimal options or even blunder outright. I think ABR is also more likely to engineer together a build that will find match up, but you can never be certain of those things so I'm not putting a lot of weight into that.

Very hyped to watch these legends go at it, what a set this will be. GL both
as a sideliner that only plays randbats but is watching every relevant tournament here i am sure this final is goin to fulfill all the expectations with two incredibly skilled players clashing. that being said i think abr is the best player i ever watched so its going to be an uphill battle for soulwind imo despite him being very strong in multiple old gen formats but abr is just too much considering his luck paired w his playing where he has been innovating old gens like he was doing it his whole life.. so idk. gl soulwind for ur well deserved first trophy but my gut says abr will win.
Told you that you'll win this white trophy! Congratz SoulWind, long time you deserved, happy for you !


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Its about damn time :D glad to see Soulwind take home a trophy. Big shoutouts to ABR for so much consistent sucess
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