Playoffs Smogon Classic VI Playoffs - FINALS [Won by SoulWind]

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Lost vs SoulWind, ggs my friend

You’ve been absurdly consistent and if I had to lose to anyone in finals I couldn’t pick a better name. Congratulations, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time.

I didn’t win but I’m happy with how I played throughout the tournament. Old gens are extremely fun and it’s been a blast competing in them over the last couple of years. Thanks to the rest of my opponents for the riveting games.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on throughout these playoffs. Thanks to my usual boys for sticking with me time and time again.


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Ironically you had to lose a BW game to win a tour...
But you've proven to be equally amazing in DPP as you are in BW, and you're also almost as good in all the other old gens, so a classic win is very well deserved. Congrats to you, SoulWind!!!


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Always great to see a deserved trophy, especially when it's won by one of my best friends on the whole site. You've been a fucking beast at this game for way too long, glad you finally went all the way!!!

Congrats bro, next up is Smogon Tour. Keep kicking butt. Couldn't be happier for you!!
George R. R. Martin couldn’t have written a more dramatic finals, wtf.

Soulwind, who has lost more finals than I can keep track of, vs ABR, the most decorated champion of all time on Smogon.

The series kicking off with Soulwind losing what many consider to be his best tier due to impatient plays made it seem like his fate was sealed.

Then in a turn of events, Soulwind took the next three games in dominant fashion, with the final blow coming in GSC, what many consider to be ABR’s best tier.

Thanks for the entertaining series, gents. I’m happy that ABR’s 4th trophy got delayed (let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time). But I’m even happier that SW won his first individual trophy after all these years.

Enjoy the victory, SW. You’ve earned this one.
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