Smogon Classic VIII - Playoffs Tiebreak

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We're almost to playoffs after a long 3 months and it came down to the wire for qualification, but before we can finally hold playoffs we need a tiebreaker to break the four way tie for the sixteenth seed.

Each player will be given a seed according to their win ratio and play in the usual top seed vs bottom seed and 2nd vs 3rd seed pairings. The winner of each of these sets will move onto the second round of tiebreaks and play each other to determine who moves onto playoffs. The seeds for the playoff tiebreak are:

1. Finchinator - (75.00% Win Ratio, deepest run is in a larger tour)
2. swordstrike - (75.00% Win Ratio, deepest run is in a smaller tour)
3. Yelodash - (73.68% Win Ratio, further deepest run)
4. Amaranth - (73.68% Win Ratio)

All sets will be Bo5. The higher seeded player picks the tier of game one and for the rest of the games, the loser of the previous game chooses the tier.

Playoff Tiebreak
Round 1

1. Finchinator vs 4. Amaranth
2. swordstrike vs 3. Yelodash

Round 2

1. Finchinator vs 3. Yelodash

Deadline: Sunday October 9th, 11:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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ggs to Yelodash, you were a gracious opponent and I know how hard you will go to make it work in POs. Hope you have a nice run. Games 3/4 were very unfortunate, but he's a deserving winner for sure.

it'd be cool of the entire country of France could stop spamming and harassing me now, you guys win ;_;
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