Smogon Classic VIII - Playoffs [Won by august]


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Congrats august! your name has been synonymous with DPP OU (Winning the Official Smogon Tournament almost feels like a millennium ago) much deserved on winning the classic. Shoutout to SoulWind for being on a crazy run, it's not easy getting into the classic final after just recently winning the ladder tournament.


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congrats aug, i'm really thrilled for you and proud of what you've accomplished. crazy to think we've known each other for almost 15 years... you're one of the best people i've met on this site and it's been great seeing you succeed both pokemon-wise and in your real life endeavors.


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Congrats big man. I am sure to some this is a big surprise and to some not at all. I can say since I met you in 2018 and you hand delivered me those beatdowns in SM after not playing for what was probably 4 years or longer this doesn't surprise me at all. This trophy is a true example of brilliant natural talent combining with diligent hard work. Keep it up buddy happy for you and congrats again.

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