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Smogon Cooking Thread 2

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did you make the yellow sponge from scratch and if so do you have a recipe?
it's just box cake mix, wanted to keep it simple and focus on the frosting and glaze which were from scratch (the recipe just said to use box mix anyway so we didn't feel the need to take it any further), though not being a huge cake fan to begin with it tasted a lot better than i expected and came out really nice (the vanilla at least, the chocolate one was more underwhelming). wish i had a cool recipe to recommend but sorry i got nothing, all i can really say is that the glaze was a lot of fun to make and pour if you're also interested in trying that side of things.


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covid has given me a great excuse to take cooking more seriously and even try korean cuisine which i've never had a chance to try before (and i love it!)



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Pepper steak!


2 lb steak of choice
3 cups rice
1 onion
1 green pepper
2 small tomatoes
1/4 cup Soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon Ginger
1.5 tbsp Cornstarch
2 tbsp Sugar

Marinade steak in 1 portion of sauce for a little while, then cook steak, add vegtables and another serving of sauce.

Sure beats pf chang's


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I never posted this when it was around thanksgiving. They (my partner mainly) said BBQ turkey couldn't be done, but they we're so wrong. Now I'm making another one for christmas because this one was so good.


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during the christmas season my brother and i were like "yo i love having all these cookies around it would be awesome if we could just have this be a regular thing" so i ended up putting in the effort to make it happen. ive made 7 desserts total since then, the first one was the lemon bar which i didn't take a picture of. here is every dessert since then:
sorry for terrible quality (had to take picture with a webcam) but im really happy with how this turned out. basically 2 layers of fudge cake with a cherry filling. super rich but also had an interesting flavor
last bad pic i swear!! these have butter frosting which is cool on cookies, i added a little bit of yellow food coloring to them as well
these were cool cause i had to work with heated sugar + condensed milk, which were pretty foreign to me. they held together pretty well, the pic is just me being greedy and putting all the crumbs on top
this is the first flan i have ever had! it tasted pretty nice i guess. unfortunately a lot of the caramel stuck to the bottom of the glass bowl and i had to scrape it out. not sure what i did wrong with that.
chocolate on the outside, sweetened cream cheese + coconut on the inside. very happy with how these turned out although the recipe said makes 72 and i ended up with 32 pretty small ones so not sure what happened there
this one is great, i had 2 slices tonight but there's only 1 slice left unfort. pie crusts are really finicky to work with though so i don't feel super confident making these (had a bit of help on it)

in the future i want to try for cakes with a ton of layers, more caramel-based stuff including maybe candy, and the elusive mango pie (got some mango pieces in the freezer) as well as possibly better dessert decorating. overall making desserts has been a great way to focus for me cause i really like eating sweet stuff and got bored of the grocery store candy, highly recommend this to anyone in the same spot.
I have gotten pretty good at making chicken wings over this lockdown (third one lmao). So far I've done BBQ, buffalo, Teriyaki (in picture), peri peri and Jerk BBQ. I make them all with an oven because I cba to get a deep fryer.

I have also learned to make jollof rice, an African rice dish (different countries have different style), which is I guess pretty similar to biryani. Pretty spicy and tomato-y.
Any ideas for quick recipes I can make from the comfort of my dorm room? Here's what I've been making:

- chili
- mashed potatoes
- instant ramen hacks

Suggestions would be appreciated
what kind of cooking tools are you working with? it being a dorm room i am assuming a hot plate and maybe a microwave?
I actually do have a stove / pot here since it's more of an apartment-style dorm, doing dishes after cooking with them is a giant pain tho. Yes I have a microwave
Any ideas for quick recipes I can make from the comfort of my dorm room? Here's what I've been making:

- chili
- mashed potatoes
- instant ramen hacks

Suggestions would be appreciated
Stir fries can be pretty easy and only need one cooking vessel and u can kinda do whatever with them

there's also loads of good fairly easy pasta recipes, most require 2 pots but the one u boil pasta in barely needs washing really
(pasta alla gricia is probably my favourite to make)

You can make loads of really simple tasty lentil dishes with just like lentil onion garlic spices... the only problem is u need to stockpile a bunch of different spices etc first
Any ideas for quick recipes I can make from the comfort of my dorm room? Here's what I've been making:

- chili
- mashed potatoes
- instant ramen hacks

Suggestions would be appreciated
Agreed with willdbeast above me.

Omelettes are super easy, cheap, quick and tasty. Crack some eggs (I usually use 2 but use however many you want) into a glass, season with whatever you want. I usually go with some combination of black pepper, some herbs, all purpose seasoning, magi/soy sauce, garlic powder, etc. whisk it all together for about a minute. Heat up a pan with 1tbs oil/butter (I prefer olive oil) on medium heat and pour your eggs into it. It cooks really quickly. Then you can flip it over once most of it cooks and you're done. There are more variations of this but it's the most basic and does the trick. I eat it either with rice or toast.

Chicken wings are usually cheap, easy to make, and customisable. Marination is optional and will depend on the type of flavour you want to go for. Season however you want and slap in the oven for about 20 mins. Take them out, flip them and back in for another 5-10. You can make your own sauce, buy your own sauce, or just eat without sauce.
An example: marinate wings in jalepeno vinegar overnight with the jalepenos. Before I cook, season with garlic powder, cayenne pepper, cajun spices, black pepper, salt and maybe some chilli powder. While cooking, I make my own buffalo sauce with some hot sauce, butter, garlic and cayenne pepper. I don't really have these that often though coz they're quite heavy.

Dunno if it falls under the "stir fry" thing or not, but egg fried rice is good. Make rice. Fry onions, peppers, mushrooms together with some soy sauce and oil. Put the rice in when the onions and mushrooms have properly cooked. Crack an egg or two over the rice and mix it about as quick as possible.

Soft-boiled egg on toast. Heat up water to a boil. Put eggs in for 4 mins as you make some toast. Take eggs out and empty contents onto toast. Season with salt and black pepper.

Baked beans on toast lmao.

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