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This is a Stylish theme which coats all of Smogon, forums and main page and all, with lovely shades of dark blue. It fills a vital gap in providing a dark-hued theme for nocturnal Smogonites the world over.

As mentioned earlier, this theme uses the Stylish plugin which is available for Firefox and Chrome to make it easy and efficient to install. If you are looking for support on another browser, please reply to this thread and I will attempt to make it work for your system.

Theme =>
Stylish =>

Additional Media:

These images might not reflect the most recent version. Even so, I know there are still a few areas for improvement in the theme as I increase my knowledge of CSS.

I encourage you all to try it out and give me reviews, criticisms, and compliments!
Hi! I love the dark skin and I'd love to help out. First off, it's a great skin. But, why are some of the link a different color than others? Is it something you cannot control (look in the currently active users for a better understanding)? I mean, it's cool and all--don't get me wrong--but I prefer the yellow-like color better (if you like it the way it is or just the blue then don't mind me!).


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it's a stylish theme - stylish is an extension for firefox and chrome. you don't set an option on smogon to use it, you install it browserside. the OP already has a link to the theme itself; links to stylish for firefox and chrome are here
Thank you for the positive feedback!

First off, my apologies for not making it clear that you need to install the extension Stylish in order for this to work on your system. This unfortunately limits the browsers you can to Firefox and Chrome.

If there is enough demand, I will investigate how to make it work in other browsers. I believe most of them allow you to apply custom CSS, although not in such an intuitive way as installing a plugin. You'll have to explicitly mention which browser you want me to support.

Redew: if you know CSS, you can change up the color scheme as you wish and fix the link colors (which I admit are a mess). However, the biggest area in which you can help me are with your eyes - I am likely not to catch every little detail which needs skinning, so forwarding my attention to those areas would be a huge help (ideally with screenshots).
If you don't like it, you offer to fix it. The last planned site redesign seems to have fallen through, but if you hate it that much you should have no problem fixing it, right?

Also, did you really have to post in a thread that hasn't seen activity for four and a half months?

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