CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 7

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It was't trapping so much as annoyance. RBY Wrap could be switched out of,, although opponents had to wait a turn before they could switch or else they would be hit by another attack IIRC. Old School Wrap + Focus Punch would be brutal.
Old School Wrap foe disabling effect + New School Ability to use other moves after using said trapping move + Bulk Up(s)/Focus Punch/Whatever = &@$# but that's how I thought when I saw the ability and move.
Looks like the ability is pretty much settled at this point. Now that the name is being discussed, I thought I'd throw out a few name ideas:

Mummight (Mummy + Might)

Mummulk (Mummy + Bulk)

The reason I wanted to make this post, quite frankly. Miitousen is a combination of the Japanese words "miira" for mummy and "ikkitousen" for matchless (warrior) or mighty (fighter).

Miirasen (Another variation of the previous combination.)

Miiratou (ditto)

Mummior (Mummy + Warrior)

As much as I like Revenankh, the name may carry religious connotations with it. (Need I remind you of the "church" in Hearthrome City?)


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I have an idea for a name I'm still trying to materialize, but I'll keep it "under wraps" for now.

lololol, I suck.
Well, nobody agrees with me, so I'll through taste and decency out the window, and play around with word fusions. :(

Amunset - A fusion of Amun, the hidden god, and Set, god of evil.
Sarcofight - A fusion of sarcophagus and fight.
Fistalos - A fusion of fist, and talos, ancient egyptian for fist.


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Currently I really hope that the custom ability isn't chosen. It just screams "SHUCKLE ANALYSYS!", and by that I mean go the the Shuckle analysis and check out the final set, and set comments. It's a Wrap + Toxic set, and the only reason it's even on there is because it's the worst way to take down an opponent ever!

Set name: Don’t Use This!!!
~ Wrap
~ Toxic
~ Protect / Sandstorm
~ Rest
Putting this here because it’s one of the most often used sets, and because it happens to be probably one of the worst ones to use. Not only is it really boring to kill opponents with, but it is easily walled by Poison-types, Steel-types, and anything with Rest. At least the Supporting Wall set can still help the team with Encore when this happens, but this? It’s completely useless when walled.
I still haven't gotten how we would do Lord Sunday's idea, so I'm a little confused there.
There's a whole section there about Australia because we're the ones who use it most lol.
Peramer (I'm sad that nobody else likes it), Houtaijin, Revenankh, Fistalos, Miirasen.

If those 5 make it to the Poll, I'll be happy. (They aren't in any particular order, they are just the 5 I like most)

As a side note, Revenankk is the only obvious fusion I like at all, because its at least slightly eh, I guess modest is the best word.

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Oh wow, I totally didn't see last page oO

Yay for Shed Skin!

Also, I think that besides the abilities, there should also be the option of "no second ability" in the poll (If that was going to happen anyway, then nvm).
Oh wow, I totally didn't see last page oO

Yay for Shed Skin!

Also, I think that besides the abilities, there should also be the option of "no second ability" in the poll (If that was going to happen anyway, then nvm).
This is a good idea, although I doubt that would win.

Anyways, the next four after Shed Skin are going to be on the poll for the second ability. For all those wishing for no Dry Skin, try to agree on something, but Dry Skin had a slight lead over the others. well, time to Copypasta this OP, but with less options.
I am fine with Shed Skin.Dry Skin name and Fire weakness sound like the better fit to me(even though it recover health in water attacks).Functionally Shed skin may turn out worse in long run than Dry Skin.Shed Skin+Bulk up + Rest on something that is fair sturdy it should lead to some interesting stuff.
Shed Skin and Insomnia.

I want this to be a good status taker.

EDIT: Woops, is voting already over? Damn, I missed out. Oh well.
Part 2 of the voting, the more condensed voting, is in a new thread. Shed Skin is an in, with Insomnia being one of the choices for the secondary.
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