Recurring Smogon Discord Live Tours


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Starting Sunday the 13th at 7pm EST

Link to smogon discord

On the Smogon Discord server we will be hosting live tournaments, they are going to be mostly gimmick tours with rulesets completely out of the norm. I am hoping to run this multiple times a week - whenever one of our staff feels like hosting a tour they can.

If you have any questions tag me in the #server-tournaments channel in the server

1 win - Custom role and colour for a week
5 wins - Custom role and colour
10 wins - Add an emoji of your choice (staff discretion)
15+ wins - ??? you'll have to find out

Tournament #1 - Lost In the Snow (Sunday, October the 13th)

- Gen 7 OU
- Each team must have 2 Pokemon with the Snow Warning ability
- One Pokemon has to hold Nevermeltice
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Tournament #2 - Spooky Sunday (Sunday, October 27th)
- Gen 7 OU
- Each team must feature Gourgeist

If anyone would be interested in a doubles tournament with these rules, please let me know and if there’s enough demand I’ll see if I can fit it into my schedule.

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