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So as some of you know, I wasn't particularly happy with LC being excluded from SPL this year, so I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to have an event for LC and Ubers so we could have all the fun and competition of a team tour. However, only having LC and Ubers involved didn't feel right, so I wanted to include the other two Official Metagames, Monotype and PU so we could all be involved in a standard format team tour at least once this year.

Here's the breakdown:

- 6 teams
- 7 week regular season
- 2 week playoffs
- 8 main slots, 2 each of LC, Ubers, PU, and Monotype, and 2 subs minimum

Immediate reactions are going to be mixed to this, so I've thrown together a quick FAQ:

Q: Why are you including <insert metagame here>?

A: I wanted each of the remaining current gen Official/Core metagames to have representation in this tour. I know that they're all quite different from each other, but that shouldn't be able to stop us from being able to get together and have a good time. I want for us to be able to showcase high-level entertaining play that I know we're all capable of and still have fun.

Q: Where's the full schedule?

A: I'll have that available once the managers have been selected and we've organised a draft date, with that date hopefully being late December/early January. I want to start the season as soon as I can after the draft is completed.

Q: How does a 7 week schedule work with 6 teams? What about playoffs?

A: This one's important to note. How this is going to work is that the teams will be split into 2 groups of three, or two divisions if that makes sense. You'll play each team within your division twice, and each team from the other division once. At the end of the 7 weeks we'll have a 2 week playoff, putting the top team of each division against the 2nd best team of the other division. This will be relevant in case a tiebreaker needs to be done.

Q: Can managers play?

A: No.

At this time we will be accepting manager sign-ups. If you are interested in managing please state your intentions in this thread. Your assman selection is not required right away but needs to be selected before Friday, December 15th, after which we will select managers and start player sign-ups.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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i would like to manage. i know pu pretty well and have a working knowledge of ubers and LC, would need an assman who is familiar with monotype though

in terms of managing experience I managed and won UPL, have managed every year in NUPL, and once in LCPL. Im the best

also wont be busy with spl so i can make the best team ever no fucbois
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Signing up for this with the illustrious false., Winner of the only PU Open. His success in pu has translated over to many other tiers, such as OU, where he was able to obtain a consecutive 0-3 in the last 2 years of WCoP; Proving he is extremely capable of playing multiple tiers to support our team. As for myself, I have achieved a very impressive feat of going neutral in every tour I have ever played, showing the consistency in my mediocrity which I believe will encourage our players to preform to a high level or risk ending up like myself, a mediocre player.

For the reasons I have stated above, I believe false and I are deserving of a managerial position in this tournament, thank you for your consideration!
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