Tournament Smogon Exhibition: PU Discussion [Won by Untier University]


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You know the drill

PU: ict vs Neo - cute user
PU: amber lamps vs HJAD - cute user

PU: Taskr vs TSR - cute user
PU: Many vs Evan. - cute user

PU: Raiza vs Teddeh - cute user
PU: Kushalos vs Anty - cute user

Cutest games: amber vs HJAD, Raiza vs Teddeh and Kushalos vs Anty


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It took all the threads in the subforum being moved to spambotland to remind me that this one existed zzz also here is the records spreadsheet which I'm looking at for this

The big story with PU records so far is definitely TSR but the discussion on discord has been fairly agreeable on why that's the case, where decent player on his own has been able to jank 3 more experienced players out with a bunch of semi-unsets because it turns out that has been fairly effective vs this small sample size. I don't know if that's going to be a continuing trend, especially since some of those sets seemed much better than others, but it's certainly something to keep in mind based on current success and TSR has shown a solid ability to integrate things like RP Aurorus into still fairly solid builds even if some things have definitely been a bit questionable and shown some inexperience. Kushalos, Taskr and HJAD are all up there as well which shouldn't be particularly surprising, Raiza, Teddeh, Robert and Sam have gone even which is maybe a bit disappointing for the first two, but then there's just a big list of people who haven't played for most of the weeks.

It's kind of hard to know what to think about the 13 players with 0-1 wins, only University and Blacephalons have managed to not sub in multiple people who haven't had much success but it feels like the reasons are very different. Stakatakas had to deal with Teddeh and Rwby having some activity issues, Tyrunts had a solid looking draft of Amber/Obii/TJ but the first two have had startlingly bad records, and both the Lunalas and Mareanies have had to deal with one standout player (Taskr and TSR respectively) and one player who hasn't been able to hold it down (Arifeen, Many, Evan, Z+V). Oh and there's a few people who went 1-0 or 1-1 just to fill in a week. Honestly I have no idea if this is common in team tours, it doesn't look like a distribution I've ever seen and maybe you can just attribute it to exhibition in general being a bit wonky, but I found it interesting enough to be worth commenting on.

Also some brief notes on prices: TSR obviously is giving an unexpectedly good return for his 3k pickup but all the other players with really good records were decently expensive players who've held it down accordingly (for this tour where prices were super deflated and probably a shit metric to look at anyway). Anty and Amber were 8k for 0-3 and 7k for 0-2 respectively which is a bit disappointing but they're likely still providing teams, and Rwby going for 8k then quitting is definitely lame but like, rwby being as expensive as Anty and Taskr is just lol.

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