Other Smogon Exhibition - Week 6

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Game Schedule

Only 2 weeks left before playoffs!​


Dragonspiral Tyrunts (5) vs Max Attaka Stakatakas (3)

LC: dcae vs ZoroDark
LC: Star vs SilentMango
Monotype: Haund vs Balto
Monotype: Croven vs 1 True Lycan
PU: obii vs Robert Alfons
PU: TJ vs Teddeh
Ubers: Reje vs tko
Ubers: Exiline vs KyogreF4N

Untier University (7) vs Cosmogtic Lunalas (1)

LC: mael vs Heysup
LC: OP vs Many
Monotype: Zukushiku vs Artoria
Monotype: Wincon vs trash
PU: Raiza vs CKW
PU: Kushalos vs Arifeen
Ubers: Garay oak vs MiyoKa
Ubers: FLCL vs Taskr

Mind Blowing Blacephalons (5) vs Michelangelesque Mareanies (3)

LC: fitzy72 vs KingKdot
LC: Kingler12345 vs Nineage
Monotype: Carl Murray vs pork chop man
Monotype: Vid vs z0mOG
PU: Neo vs TSR
PU: @Sam I Yam vs Evan.
Ubers: The Trap God vs hyw
Ubers: Lord Outrage vs Holy Break

Deadline is Sunday, February 18th at 11:59 PM EST.

If I made a mistake with any matchups or names, please contact me.
23/24 matches completed!
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outrage missed time scheduled on friday where i ve waited him over 4 hours after time scheduled he showed up yday and said he was busy we agreed to play 2h ago but again he didnt appear at all neither pmmed me if he got some emergencies asking for activity as i cant play any further since my availability was weekdays but he apparently was busy during them too
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