Smogon Fantasy Basketball 2020-2021

Looks like this will be a thing after all. Mizuno has reupped the keepers league and has tentatively set draft date for next weekend. Let's try to get some confirmations for that league ITT.

As for redraft, I'm undecided if I want to renew it. If there's enough interest, I might?
I'm always up for the redraft as well.

Keeper league stuff:

confirmed: Scofield, Stallion, Del Rio, Ghost_Chill, cb aaron judge, Celticpride, trikx_insane
biggie, suapah let me know if you are returning this year!

Considering expanding the Injured List from 1 to 2, since I kind of expect random player absences due to covid-related reasons and NBA rules.

Rules for reference:

  1. Up to three players can be kept
  2. Keeping a player means giving up a draft round equal to the round the players was drafted last year (in our league) + 1. Lets call this the Keeper Value.
    Example: John Wall was drafted 6th last year. Team X can keep him by giving up the 5th round pick this year. (Keeper Value = 5)
  3. If keeping two or more players and they make it so that the same draft round is forfeited, then the additional player can be kept by giving up an additional higher round (so +2 for two, +3 for three...)
    Example: John Wall and Kyle Lowry were drafted in round 6 last year. Team X owns them both. They can be both kept by giving up the 5th round pick and 4th round pick this year.
  4. However, if two or more players make it so that the first round is forfeited, only one of them can be kept.
    Example: Team X has both Lebron James and Kevin Durant, which were drafted in the first round last year. Only one of them can be kept this year.
  5. A player can be kept by the same team for up to 2 years (lets call this the Keeper Contract). If the players was a first round pick the year before, that player can only be kept 1 year (giving up the first round pick for the year being kept).
    Example: Team X drafted Lebron James last year in the 1st round. He can be kept again by giving up the first round pick, but cannot be kept next year by Team X.
  6. Any player kept that was not drafted the year before counts as giving up the very last pick.
  7. The Keeper Contract (i.e. the amount of time a team can keep a player) will transfer when a trade is made and will remain even if a player is dropped.
    Example: Team X has kept J.J. Barea for 1 year. Team X trades him to Team Y. Team Y can only keep him one more year.
    Example: Team X has dropped Danilo Gallinari, who has been kept already 1 year using the 7th round pick. Team Y can pick him up and keep him one more year at the cost of the 6th round pick of the next draft.
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I'll keep Wiggins for a 10th, Jaylen Brown for a 12th, and Lou Will for a 9th rounder

Good for two injury slots too.
In as well, and agree to the two IL slots this year. My keepers will be: D. Lillard, C. Wood, and D. Graham. Last two were picked off the waiver, so I assume I loose my last two picks. :-)


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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Lmk if you guys need another for redraft league, I'm quite active!
i'll play again to maintain league normalcy, but if someone wants my spot they can have it.
I don't like seeing a long time player like you leaving! I will probably expand to 12 slots (which is what it was a couple of years ago) to include new players. But if you are still sure, then let me know.

DiscoDucky, Lord Ninjax and Energy have expressed interest in participating (in that order of priority, going by who asked first in the NBA thread, then here). I'll let you guys know as soon as I have everything sorted out, which will probably be tomorrow (note that this if for the keeper league).

Tagging Del Rio to bug him about renewing the redraft league :toast:
cb aaron judge Stallion ButteredToast biggie trikx_insane and any other redraft participants from last year I might have missed

Went ahead and renewed. Let me know if you're playing and if the currently set draft time absolutely cannot work for you.
I'm definitely interested but I do not know what my work schedule will for next week until Friday. Will be an active participant if I'm forced into auto-drafting regardless.
Well suapah has not confirmed, and biggie is probably out (unless we don't have enough people), so DiscoDucky and Lord Ninjax I will need an e-mail address to send the invite so you can take over these two teams. Send me a message and I will set up everything at some point in the afternoon.

Remember, draft is tomorrow at 6pm EST!
Could someone give me a crash course on how to determine which players to add/drop/trade for in 9CAT? I've always played Fantasy Basketball using point values (1 Point = 1 FP, 1 Assist = 1.2 FP, etc.). I've been going through my roster this morning, and I don't know what to trade/drop/add

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