Sports Smogon Fantasy Football (NFL): 2023 - 24 Season

Hi everyone! It's that time of year to start filling up fantasy football leagues for the upcoming season! Will Stefon Diggs be WR1 this year? Will Myles Gaskin become relevant again? Come find out!

We are currently in the process filling in the existing leagues by confirming returning players. If there is enough interest, we can potentially open up new leagues. If you have joined one these leagues in a previous year, join our Discord here and let us know which league you were in. Once we have all returning players confirmed, we'll open the remaining spots to anyone and potentially open more leagues after all the slots have been filled.

The following table will contain the participants in each league for the 2023 - 24 season. Some notes:
  • Returning members are denoted (R).
  • Commissioners are denoted (C).
  • New players are denoted (N).
    • Both new players and returning ones looking to join new leagues are both placed in "Wait List" with their preference.
    • New players are prioritized, then returning ones looking to join/fill.
    • New players are placed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
League A (12/12)League B (10/12)League C (10/12)League D (Auction) (12/12)Waitlist
WaterBomb (C)Stallion (C) (R)biggie (C) (R)Celestial (C) (R)Mr.Bossaru (N)
Stallion (R)PrinceOfAllTacos (R)Celticpride (R)Celticpride (R)
Mr.E (R)lkapkd1 (R)bdov (R)Snowflakes (R)
shadowpandax (R)explodingdaisies (R)Dubby (R)DiscoDucky (R)
biggie (R)Goro Yagami (R)Snowflakes (R)Mr.Bossaru (R)
Aerodactyl Legend (R)BigBallerBrand (R)DiscoDucky (R)MK007 (R)
Finchinator (R)Del Rio (R)Mr.Bossaru (R)Del Rio (R)
Mizuhime (R)gg i guess lmao (R)Bhris Brown (R)gg i guess lmao (R)
explodingdaisies (R)lexeas23 (R)MK007 (R)lexeas23 (R)
Rabia (R)Amukamara (R)romanji (R)
AV11 (R)
Django (R)
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If anyone is interested in taking over a dynasty team (finished third last year, has the #10 spot in the rookie draft that hasn't happened yet), hit me up.

Also, returning to League A.

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