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I think I'm gonna make six metric tons of quiche on Sunday. I'm gonna do some that are like ham&cheese, some w broccoli, and some w spinach. if you have any suggestions for like cheeses or other ingredients share em! :)


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I'm cooking steak for a friend tonight, which is fortunately one of maybe five things that I can cook with consistently good results.

I only ever buy flat iron, which is an absolute bargain (£14.50/kg) from my local butcher in comparison to ribeye (£30/kg) and fillet (£50/kg). The cut is clearly still a relatively unknown quantity here, so for the benefit of the uninitiated; flat iron was "discovered" as a result of a 2002 study to find new commercial cuts to increase meat yield. It's the second most tender steak on the animal after fillet, but has more flavour.
Second time I followed J. Kenji Lopez recipe for baked potatoes. I swear to God, it's absolutely insane how good it tastes


I didn't peel the potatoes because I want the nutrients, it's less crispy this way but still tastes divine. I put dill, rosemary and garlic in the olive oil. It was very beautiful

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