Smogon Grand Slam - Introduction

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The Smogon Grand Slam is a new tournament designed to ensure every Smogon-supported Gen V tier is represented in an official tournament. While the decision to return the Smogon Tour back to its multi-generation origins caused quite the stir, the Smogon Grand Slam will allow players of the UU, Ubers, RU, NU, and LC metagames to test their skills in a high-level tournament setting with a trophy on the line.

So what will this format be you may ask? Interestingly enough, it's more or less a hybrid of the preexisting official tournaments. The Smogon Grand Slam will be comprised of five separate tournaments: The UU Open, The RU Open, The Uber Open, The NU Open, and The LC Open. As you might expect, each Open will be a single elimination, best-of-three tournament. In other words, they will be the same format as the Official Smogon Tournament. There will be a point system identical to that of the Smogon Tour, meaning players will score points based on how many rounds they win in each tournament. The eight players with the most points after the five tournaments are completed will qualify for the playoffs where they will duke it out in a best-of-five series (UU, RU, Ubers, NU, and LC of course) to determine who is the champion of these five metagames.

As alluded to before, since this is an official tournament, the winner of the playoffs will naturally win a trophy! Up for grabs is this beautiful turquoise masterpiece created by the lovely and diligent Earthworm:

Signups for each Open will be posted after the completion of Round 1 of the previous Open, which we suspect will be after about two weeks. Note that hosts are allowed to participate in the Open they are hosting, but if they choose to do so, a third party will create match-ups. Here is a list of the order of the Opens, including the hosts and the date signups will be posted.

  • The UU Open - Hosted by JabbaTheGriffin (July 16th)
  • The RU Open - Hosted by Oglemi (July 30th)
  • The Uber Open - Hosted by bojangles (August 13th)
  • The NU Open - Hosted by Zebraiken (August 27th)
  • The LC Open - Hosted by Aerrow (September 10th)

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to post them in this thread and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Big thanks to Earthworm, Bloo, and Aldaron for helping to get this tournament off the ground. Also kudos to Stellar for the awesome tournament names.

Keep in mind this tournament will be BW2 for its entirety. If tier shifts occur during a round, they will be taken into account in the subsequent round.

Good luck to all! and no johns :)!

For logistic reasons, I'll only update the onsite points after an Open concludes, but Vinc2612 is maintaining a very useful Google Document with current min/max points that everyone should check out!
Reminds me a lot of the tennis opens, and the world tour final. :p

This may actually get me into playing these different tiers, should be a lot of fun!


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Good work; can't wait to see people studying these metagames. I still don't understand why we aren't using the rainbow trophy.................

This is a great idea! We definitely want all the current tiers to be represented in tourneys :).

I suggest adding OU in here. The OU open will lure in a lot of players, and if they do well, that may lead them to learn the other tiers and compete in them.
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