Smogon Grand Slam - Season 1 Finals [Won by Ciele]

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McMeghan vs. Nelson-X - Didn't Nelson lose like every single Open to McMeghan? I am amused that this is a playoff match too. Nelson will play him tough but McM too strong.
blarajan vs. Malekith - Malekith is good, but blara is the best damn RU player this side of the Mississippi and can eke out a 3-2 win.
FLCL vs Ciele
Bloo vs Pedrock - Bloo is one of those players who just knows a tier shortly after playing it for the first time, and somehow can play anything. My preseason prediction for a McMeghan v Bloo pivotal playoff matchup can come true in the semifinals!


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Every time Nelson faced McMeghan during the opens, I predicted him to win. And here, I said McMeghan got this...

Well, predicting Nelson to lose all battles from now.
Lost NU
Lost UU
Lost LC

Ok, now I'm going to explain how this series fucking sucks.

The NU one I missed 2/2 Will-o-Wisp and he killed me with his 80% move. Then, he hit me twice with a 85% move and CH me twice and kill my wall who can't be killed, only by 2 stupid crits.

The UU one I was thinking about the NU thing and I played like a dumb and he won, my fault.

The LC one, I missed a 80% move on a pokemon that killed me 2 pokemon and then, he burned me ( with that pokemon ) with his 10% chance and missed another 80% move and die.

GL in future rounds blarajan, but this series was the worst I have seen in years.

I saved the NU one and the UU one, but que LC no because I raged after all this shit and forgot it, sorry.


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I'm sorry about NU and LC. Those were not fun matches, at all.

A lot of luck in NU. Won clean in UU. Got two important misses in LC.

Won 3-0, sorry the RNG wasn't in your favor in those instances. I won't argue the luck; it was significant, and I know it held a lot of importance in the matches. I can just apologize for what happened.
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