Smogon Grand Slam - Season 1 Finals [Won by Ciele]

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Good games Ciele. Not going to complain about anything since you just played better than me at the end of the day, plain and simple. Some misses and such tainted part of Ubers, but honestly that's okay--I took a few gambles that didn't pay off (such as at the end...great job with your last mon in RU!) So great games Ciele, and good luck in finals. Definitely deserved it.

On that note, I hope I at least proved myself as a good player now with my standing in this tournament. Second seed and top 4 overall doesn't sound too bad to me! There were a bunch of people that helped me out, so I want to thank them in that regard.

RU: Already thanked in the open
LC: em, ray jay, iss / danilo for testing
UU: kokoloko, du
NU: raseri, flcl, mmf
Ubers: blim

Thanks everyone for helping me out throughout the tournament. I'm rather sorry I couldn't make Finals, or end up winning in the end, but this was a damn fun tournament, and I'm glad I got as far as I did. Holy shit though, this took monthssssss.

edit: thanks to anyone i forgot
edit2: I just wanted to say that I really did so much better in this tournament that I imagined I would have. The RU Open signups happened right as I was considering not really coming back to Smogon since I was obviously taking Pokemon too seriously (still am, but am much happier about it now than before!!). I was even considering not signing up for RU, and ignoring the Grand Slam after my R1 out in UU. I'm really happy I decided to keep playing, and that I did as well as I ended up doing. Very happy I decided to keep trying this tournament out.


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Seems I am destined to always lose in the semifinals of these things.

Lost 2-3 to Nelson-X. Good luck in finals dude.


EDIT: Huge thanks to everyone who helped me out throughout this tournament as I wouldn't have gotten this far without the assistance I received. You guys are the best.


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Rooting for Ciele, but good shit Nelson, way to prove everyone wrong

Edit: If you can be dears and play on PS for the finals, I would greatly appreciate it. As would the YT channel.
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