Smogon Grand Slam VI [Won by Level 56]

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16. Nintendi vs. 8. blunder -> hard, but nintendinho rlz
2. dodmen vs. 10. Pohjis
14. Level 56 vs. 6. ict -> strong af
4. Tricking vs. 12. Lax


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now i lost in my game vs tricking. people don't usually make s/os for winning r1 (like i did) or even losing before finals. however, this is the most fun i've ever had in a tour testing with everyone and building shit teams with the bros and i had a blast playing this so i will, don't @ me
dodmen the DOGMAN himself, i practically only used his and meeps's teams throughout all of uu open and legit think he's the best player to ever touch uu, always w/ the fire squads and amazing game sense, wish the finals coulda came down to us
HT the hairy toenail... since all my uu bros were in playoffs themselves i didn't want to rely on them too much. luckily, i have goat ht who built a ton of teams that i really fuck w/ cuz they were all fun and creative. one of my ogs so it was a blast having you help me
dogmam used Reflect Type!
dogmam's type became the same as the opposing KILL HIM's type!

The opposing KILL HIM used Pursuit!
It's not very effective... dogmam lost 6.6% of its health!
Turn 3

Tricking withdrew KILL HIM (Muk-Alola)!

Tricking sent out SICK AND BANALE (Gliscor)!

dogmam used Calm Mind!
dogmam's Special Attack rose! dogmam's Special Defense rose!

The opposing SICK AND BANALE was badly poisoned by the Toxic Orb!
Turn 4

dogmam used Ice Beam!
It's super effective! The opposing SICK AND BANALE lost 100% of its health!
Pearl and Lycans the other 2 uu goats for testing, tweaking teams, and such
Feliburn that playoff r1 team was fucking sick and it really showed how good it was by the dominant game. sorry for fucking up the r2 game and making the team look bad i was gettin too hype.. great ru player i would invest in him for SPL btw.
Ajna u were supposed to build my team then ended up stealing it and using it in snake.. ur great tho
meepsvictory my testing bitch and good friend, we made a lot of cool shit together and had a ton of fun messing around (the god squad we made being used 3 times in snake LUL)
Thimo for r1 team, this guys the best ubers player ever for sure. innovative as fuck
Garay oak and obii for the team help and advice, were winning snake bros
trash OMFG GOD TRASH my closest friend on this site. ur amazing dude and you deserve to be in SPL just need to get your name out a bit more but everyone should know trash is the trubbish and chespin team mastermind

thx to everyone that hyped me up and cheered me on, gave me a lot of confidence going into these 2 sets :) s/o fpoa and woa and everybody else that make this site entertaining
for real though GGs tricking that was a good as fuck set i hope you take the whole trophy
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