Smogon Grand Slam VI [Won by Level 56]

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nintendinho n_n
Lost vs tricking 1-3 ggs

shotouts Highways and A Hero's Destiny for helping me in my run on uu open and in playoffs, special shotouts for didi who helped me in my ubers open run and Mr. Perry who also helped me in poffs shotouts atomicllamas and lighthouses for helping me with ru in playoffs, McMeghan in uu and OP in lc. HANTSUKI and elodin with nu. special thanks for askov Brazilian Army Eternal Spirit ggggd who helped me with testing. and also shotouts for the brazilians who rooted for me. (klefwi)
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my apologies for delaying the tournament since we were suppose to play on monday but life takes priority and we have rescheduled for wednesday 5pm gmt+1/12am gmt-4. time per his wishes.

looking forward playing the guy who has inspired me trying new tiers and stuff and not just sticking into one tier (since we are both probably most known for ubers). may the better player win.
this has been a hell of a ride and unfortunately to me, this journey has come to an end. obviously i hoped some things went differently but today wasn't my day and i lost in some ggs. best of luck in finals to you and to tricking!

thank you to everyone who has helped me and given their support. you guys are the best and are the main reason why i kept pushing myself even when i am pretty much drained to death with 'mons after spending tens, hundreds or even more to this game helping myself and others all the way from SPL. i love you all.

it sucks shit to lose this late in the tournament and being so close after all that effort. i will leave with my head up to new challenges and i am sure that one day it all will be rewarded.
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