Smogon Grand Slam VI [Won by Level 56]

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amazing series, congrats lvl!

just wanna say i watched practically every set of slam because they were all full of exciting and close games. most fun i’ve ever had playing a pokemon tournament and can’t think of a more deserving winner than MF level 56.

until next slam lads
grats level, incredibly well deserved

lol i still remember when we were talking like 3? months ago about this tour and you said you were gonna "hope for the best"... got you pretty far heh heh heh. i was a little critical of your LC play at times but overall you played really well and i'm glad to see your caliber get recognized in form of the trophy. coming back from a 0-2 deficit is probably one of the hardest things but you managed to do so in very impressive fashion. you're a great dude (idt humility like that is something a lot of people could claim to have at this level) and easily one of the best players overall in the last 1-2 years.

it's fitting to think that the two finalists for a tour like this that demands versatility and consistency had probably the first two players that'd pop to your head when you heard the term "all-rounder" as its finalists. really well-contested series that i loved watching (though i guess nu was a little unstraight), props to tricking as well for a really impressive run.

looking forward to next year with USUM tiers


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this is my 2000th post and the last at least for a while (I'm gonna be busy in the following months, so i won't be playing tournaments. I hope I can come back for SPL though). This tour has been a great run even if it didn't end the way i wanted. I wanted to thank everybody that helped me with teams and tests in this run:

UU guys: Highways, Sun, Renny_, Cynde - unfort i fucked up in the last match :s, you are the best, thanks a lot guys.
RU guys: Will of Fire (you are rly amazing, you built some great RU teams - goat for carrying 4-0 playoffs with your teams), SilentVerse (do not int too much...)
Ubers guys: Mysterious M (thanks a lot for helping me in playoffs, if i didn't suck at ubers, that's all your merit), Arii Stella
NU guys: myself lul
LC guys: fran17, ggggd, and star.

Testing partners and #1 supporters: Lopunny Kicks, Santu, Alexander., H.M.N.I.P, HJAD, Z+V, Slurmz, PursuitOfHappiny, Kebab mlml, Matame, Toxigen, Fatalitatis, cryalot, Teddeh, MiyoKa, Enki, MONNA LUSA, Haund, Marrano.

i'm sure i forgot someone :s
individual 2k shoutouts would be too long, but i can say i rly like this community, and this is what makes me like the game; thanks a lot to whoever supported me, gliders, scooters, webgames (jet is fat, blargh sucks), and italian community in particular.

You guys made this run possible and even if i'm quite disappointed i fucked up UU, I'm happy with how I played the remaining games, so that's still a positive result for me. I don't like talking about RNG too much because that's the game we play. Congrats Level 56.

gl in your future endeavors, i'll be back :^

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