Smogon Grand Slam VI [Won by Level 56]

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Level 56

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Not sure where to start because this has been a ride full of unexpected events and fun moments. 4 years ago I only played mons to pass time but when I participated in grand slam 3, it really motivated me to try and win an official tour. The idea of playing lower tiers at a high level just seemed like a very fun thing to me and from that point I've had a really strong desire of winning grand slam. This time around, on my final try, I'm really glad I got the job done and got the trophy I wanted. There were some unexpected events for me in this slam, most noticeable being the one when I got eliminated from ubers open round 2. Ubers has been one of the key tiers from which I received a lot of points in previous slams but this time around the opposite happened and qualifying for playoffs seemed like a difficult task. Still I continued to give it my best and eventually became a part of the 26 boys. After that I pulled the same thing which ict did last slam (winning the whole slam from tie breaker). Of course all of this only became possible thanks to all dudes who helped me through out the qualifying phase and in the playoffs, so gonna take my time to give them a shout out they deserve.

Starting with ict and Poek as they both were the ones that invited me to the channel called "the slammers" where some hot names were present to provide teams for each tier. This really helped in getting to know the state of lower tiers.

UU: thanks to dodmen, ict, Hogg for the teams and help during the qualifying phase, had a pleasant time. After some drops happened close to playoffs, uu became a mess and I had a difficult time preparing and stuff. In tie breaker I used a Sacri' team and it turned out to be hot. During playoffs, hogg was a big help in checking my uu teams and giving suggestions. Shoutouts to Tony as I used 2 of his teams in playoffs and both of them turned out to be as handsome as him. And of course shoutout to Christo as I used his team in finals today, it was pure fire

RU: During the qualifying phase, it was all col49 and his flame teams that helped me get some crucial points. Still haven't forgotten that salac sub Durant offense team haha. Thanks mate. In tie breaker and playoffs, Chill Shadow came into the scene and whenever I asked him for a team, he always pulled out a hot Zoroark team. Appreciate all the help bro. Also shoutout to meru as I used his Eject Button Slowking team. Innovation at its best

LC: As for lc I didn't take much help from anyone in the qualifying phase as I had some good teams loaded beforehand. But for tiebreaker and playoffs, shoutouts to ZoroDark as I used his teams in each round. Also special shoutout to Kingler12345 for approving my lc team for finals

NU: nu is what I considered to be my worst tier in this slam as I had a bad time in nupl and even got knocked out of nu open r1, so going into tie breaker, didn't have any high hopes for nu. The same happened when I got wrecked by gunner in nu for tie breaker and now my hopes dropped down to the lowest levels. Now this was the time where Rodriblutar came into action. My man provided me complete fire every round and I went 3-0 in playoffs in nu. Thanks a lot bro, you're one of the best all around player I have seen on smogon. Hopefully you'll get your pc soon so you can kick even more ass

Ubers: while I'm happy how I did in ubers during playoffs, I still am frustrated how I managed to fuck up a great match up today in finals. Glad that didn't cost me the series. Shoutout to Astounded for the crazy ideas in ubers throughout playoffs.

Thanks to all my bros on BIGS, rattlers for supporting me and always gassing me up during my series, you guys are some great dudes

Shoutouts to my friends who have supported me from day one and to all others that supported me throughout this slam. I really appreciate it and finally thanks to the hosts for hosting this slam smoothly

Sweep, finally did it bro


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Omg I got a shout-out... (for a team that wasn't even mine)

Congrats Level 56 babe!! Ever since the third grand slam I've seen you as my counterpart since we both made equal progress on that trophy so it's cool to see you finally take it home in such a dominant fashion. Looking forward to your next big heist :toast:
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