Smogon Grand Slam X Playoffs - Finals [Won by Punny]


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won vs poek ggs, great run

I had a blast this tour, so happy that I managed to win it all. I've been enoying lower tiers for about a year now and I've felt pretty confident in myself winning since when I qualified and I was still in every open. Playoffs were fun albeit a bit stressful, prepping 5 tiers a week (especially LC in which I really am not that great) can be pretty hard. I'm overall really happy with my run, think I played some great games despite being really nervous during them, however I must thank everyone who helped me, couldn't make it without you guys:

LC: Xizaaa thank you for helping me in every round and playing like 15 test games with me this week. tko dcae kythr thank you for helping me in semis and finals, you guys put in so much effort and made me bring cool teams, ty so much. London13 thanks for reaching out to me after semis and helping me test this week

PU: termi for the round 1 team, Raiza for the round 2 team and the semis rematch team, gum for helping me in every round, im sorry I didn't end up using one of your teams but you were amazing bestie

NU: pdt ty for helping me build throughout the whole playoffs, u were great and im really glad I got to know you, amazing person.

RU: Alpha Rabbit for helping me with my finals team

UU: LNumbers. I wanna start with saying your move order is unviable. Jokes aside, you were awesome, definitely the best helper I could have asked for. You worked so hard for my games, giving me multiple teams, discussing spreads/sets every time in call till 3am. The best part was getting to know you though, you're one of the best people ive met on this site. Your builds are amazing and I truly hope you will get drafted in SCL because u're amazing.

also thanks to: hs Lilburr Decem Z Strats Finchinator Expulso McSim for test games when I needed
I'm sure I'm forgetting someone :x

H.M.N.I.P Tricking thanks for letting me test every tier every week, you guys were amazing (l2p though)

Niko my brother.. you didn't help with prep/games but knowing you were here watching me and cheering for me every time I played made me happy and less nervous every time, love you :heart:

umbry thanks for everything, tests when I needed, cheering for me every time I played and also for being here when I was nervous before playing, love you sis <3

Also thanks to the whole FILO GANG for cheering for me, you guys are the best

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