Smogon Grand Slam XI Playoffs - Finals [Won by Garay oak]


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Congratulations to all 16 of you that made it to this year's Grand Slam playoffs while being unique users! Before moving on to the pairings, I'd like to thank Merritt, Kris, Finchinator, velvet, SparksBlade, Lily, chlo, and btboy for being fantastic hosts, even if freezai made us play on hard mode at times. This tournament was only possible due to your help and we're fortunate to have you all.

With that said, here is the list of people who qualified and their respective seed:

1. Luthier - 37 points (87.10%)
2. TJ - 33 points (82.35%)
3. Floss - 25 points (82.61%)
4. Star - 25 points (76.00%)
5. aim - 23 points (76.00%)
6. umbry - 21 points (93.33%)
7. freezai - 21 points (76.19%)
8. Garay oak - 21 points (76.00%)
9. Raichy - 21 points (75.00%)
10. Expulso - 20 points (73.91%)
11. crying - 19 points (78.26%)
12. Bushtush - 19 points (73.91%)
13. Vulpix03 - 19 points (72.73%)
14. MichaelderBeste2 - 18 points (77.78%)
15. jonfilch - 18 points (76.00%)
16. Scottie - 18 points (71.43%)

Round 1

1. Luthier vs 16. Scottie: Ubers UU RU PU LC
2. TJ vs 15. jonfilch: Ubers UU RU PU LC
3. Floss vs 14. MichaelderBeste2: Ubers UU RU NU LC
4. Star vs 13. Vulpix03: Ubers RU NU PU LC
5. aim vs 12. Bushtush: Ubers UU RU NU LC
6. umbry vs 11. crying: Ubers UU RU PU LC
7. freezai vs 10. Expulso: UU RU NU PU LC
8. Garay oak vs 9. Raichy: Ubers UU RU PU LC

1. Luthier vs 8. Garay oak
2. TJ vs 10. Expulso
14. MichaelderBeste2 vs (6. umbry vs. 11. crying)
4. Star vs 12. Bushtush

8. Garay oak vs 12. Bushtush
2. TJ vs 11. crying

All sets will be bo5 with the higher seed getting to choose the first tier to be played in a set while the loser picks the next one. Deadline will be Sunday, July 24th at 10 PM GMT-4.
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ggs, unfortunately im way off it with tiers outside of LC this year but happy to compete in the playoffs again nonetheless
good luck to the remaining competitors, would like to see a Luthier TJ finals as a neutral.
Thanks Alpha Rabbit for RU and Ubers teams, sorry that I wasn't able to showcase ubers properly


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lost ggs

ty pdt and colle, wesh, kythr and star for the help

252 Atk Technician Marshadow Low Kick (120 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Yveltal: 331-391 (84.2 - 99.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
can we fix the damage calc to not apply technician to moves 120bp lol

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