Smogon Grand Slam XI Playoffs - Finals [Won by Garay oak]

garay has been extremely dominant over the past few years, and is one of the people i immediately think of as one of the better, more well rounded lower tier players

crying is newer to tours but has been very impressive and extremely entertaining during these playoffs

side note, these two finalists joined smogon on the exact same day

gl both

Garay oak

is a Tiering Contributoris the 11th Grand Slam Winneris a Two-Time Past SCL Championis a former Tournament Circuit Champion
ZU BreadWinner
won in 5 vs crying, ggs

I will post shoutouts and all that stuff a bit later, but for now thanks to everyone who rooted for me and great run to crying, you were an underdog coming into these playoffs and ended up being shy of only one game. Great things to come for you in this game I'm sure

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