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Smogon VGC Premier League player signups are live

e: we're still waiting on art so if you wanna use an incineroar / regieleki / urshifu gif to advertise this that'd be epic
Something something Urshifu something something another suspect test:
Pokétunes part IV: Galarian Music article has been published
The RBY in-game tier list has been published. Thanks to all people that helped make this happen!
Signups for the second LGPE OU Summer Seasonal are open! There's a $50 prize for the winner, and the Top 16 players gain points in the LGPE Circuit.
Thanks to known ADV 1v1 enthusiast LRXC, 1v1 is hosting an ADV 1v1 Duo Swiss Tournament, with the winning duo receiving 50$ dollars each for a 100$ prize!

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