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Monotype has uploaded a new wave of full analyses
Volcarona (Bug)-
Latias (Dragon)-
Barraskewda (Water)-
Slowking (Water)-
Mimikyu (Ghost)-
Tapu Koko (Fairy)-
Specs Zapdos (Electric)-
Hydreigon (Dragon)-
Mantine (Flying)-
Thundurus-T (Flying)-
Scizor (Bug)-
Weavile (Ice)-
Alolan Raichu (Electric)-
Galarian Zapdos (Flying)-
Urshifu-R (Water)-
Galarian Moltres (Dark)-
Garchomp (Ground)-
Skarmory (Flying)-
Zeraora (Electric)-
Buzzwole (Fighting)-
Magnezone (Electric)-

Happy New Years posting team!

How savage. That's a lot of analyses - Think
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